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Music and Jupyter

Music and Jupyter

Talk at JupyterCon 2017 in NYC

Carol Willing

August 24, 2017

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 Music and Jupyter A combo for creating collaborative narratives

    for teaching Carol Willing Project Jupyter Cal Poly SLO August 24, 2017 JupyterCon 2017 @carolwilling
  2. Carol Willing Project Jupyter Steering Council and Developer Cal Poly

    SLO Software Engineer Python Software Foundation Recent Director CPython Core Developer Fab Lab San Diego Geek in Residence @willingcarol
  3. Learning results from what a student does and thinks and

    only what the student does and thinks. Herbert A. Simon
 Tools Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab markdown language kernels (Python,

    R, Julia) ipywidgets nbconvert RISE, nbpresent Sphinx JupyterHub and Binder
 Content music21 - Michael Cuthbert magenta - tensorflow music

    generation Allen Downey’s Think DSP notebooks Extempore - live coding of music Visualizing music - AnnMarie Thomas
  6. Jupyter Notebook Interactive Browser-based computing environment Exploratory Science, machine learning,

    visualization, analysis, stats Reproducible document format Code Narrative text (markdown) Equations (LaTeX) Images, visualizations Over 50 programming languages Everything open-source (BSD license)
  7. Code • JupyterLab (attach a console for exploration) • List

    and install requirements • Drop into file system • Export as script \
  8. Run code in the notebook Shift-Enter to execute a code

    cell. Shift-Command-Enter to enter single document mode. Similar to classic notebook.
  9. ipywidgets Docs https://ipywidgets.readthedocs.io cookiecutter to simplify creating new widgets Interactive

    Documentation Engaging User Content Rapid “what if” scenarios http://jupyter.org/widgets.html Widgets
  10. Audio https://magenta.tensorflow.org/performance-rnn \ Ian Simon and Sageev Oore. "Performance RNN:

    Generating Music with Expressive Timing and Dynamics." Magenta Blog, 2017. https://magenta.tensorflow.org/performance- rnn
  11. 36

  12. How? Start with content (videos, code, notebooks) Gather into a

    repo Create and iterate on notebooks Use Binder to share Run a workshop or lesson (RISE, nbpresent) Publish (Sphinx supports markdown, reStructuredText, notebooks) Create a website
  13. Exploration and experimentation Physical media with electronics Real world, self-directed

    projects Teaching Signal Processing using Wearables and Jupyter Notebooks Dr. Demba Ba http://pyvideo.org/scipy-2016/labs-in-the-wild-teaching-signal-processing-using-wearables-jupyter-notebooks-scipy-2016.html
  14. Using Jupyter Notebooks with R in the classroom Tanya Schlusser

    Excellent resource on using tmpnb and JupyterHub for teaching http://jupyter.rocks/ https://github.com/tanyaschlusser/Jupyter-with-R
  15. Creating gateways to learning PyLadies DjangoGirls Workshops Conferences User groups

    Sprints pyvideo.org Documentation Credit: http://bostonpythonworkshop.com/
  16. • Demba Ba • Jeremy Freeman, Binder • Michael Cuthbert,

    music21 • Allen Downey, Think DSP • AnnMarie Thomas, Visualizing Music Attributions and recognition A huge thank you to the Project Jupyter team and community. Your hard work and passion makes this all possible. • Tanya Schuller • Magenta team • FabLab San Diego • Photo credits on individual slides • Content credit on slides
 Music and Jupyter A combo for creating collaborative narratives

    for teaching Carol Willing Project Jupyter Cal Poly SLO August 24, 2017 JupyterCon 2017 @carolwilling