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WifiRobot - Cutting the Cord

WifiRobot - Cutting the Cord

Quick rundown on the ESP8266 and getting your Nodebot set up to use a simple wifi - serial bridge.

Mark Wolfe

July 25, 2015

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  1. ESP8266 Small Cheap Wireless Module 3 - 5 dollars SDK

    for native development LUA Massive community of developers
  2. Firmware Written while @ajfisher was in China by the makeblock

    team Has a small Admin UI Needs some work but very close @geekscape and I sorted out a few bugs! https://github.com/wolfeidau/nodebots_MeWIFI
  3. Wifi Bridge Load firmware on your ESP8266 Module Connect to

    the HostAP Load the Firmata configured to do 115200 baud Connect your robot to the ESP8266 Module Serial connection (RX/TX/VCC/GND) WIN