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Syndicating content with WordPress

Syndicating content with WordPress

Have you ever had a situation where you needed the same content on multiple websites, with just one place to edit it? Maybe in a network of WordPress sites?

In this talk I will outline how we built a content syndication system for a network of WordPress sites, meaning that content required on all sites could be edited once and deployed out to one or all of the thousands of sites in the network.

I will talk about the technologies we used to accomplish the task, the development challenges that were involved and how we overcame them.

These systems are great for businesses which have lots of divisions, regions or franchises which need the same default content on each site.

Read more of the blog post: https://highrise.digital/blog/syndicating-wordpress-content-using-content-deployment

Mark Wilkinson

April 06, 2019

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  1. Syndicating Content with WordPress Mark Wilkinson Co-founder & developer at

    Highrise Digital https://highrise.digital @wpmark
  2. “ The act of syndicating a news feature by publishing

    it in multiple newspapers, simultaneously https://www.wordnik.com/words/syndication
  3. “ The act of syndicating a post by publishing it

    in multiple websites, simultaneously https://www.wordnik.com/words/syndication
  4. Project requirements • Low cost websites to advisory firms •

    Different levels of functionality • Different design options • Content compliance approved (regulatory requirements) • Content deployed to multiple sites • Lock-down content • Quick to build a new site
  5. Processing a deployment - add/update • Authenticate the request &

    the data • Check if the post already exists - get its post ID for updating • Insert/update the post • Loop through taxonomy data and add/update • Loop through metadata as add/update • Store data about the posts source - post ID, source URL etc. • Store the deployment entry - post type in content master
  6. Other notable functionality • Site image packs • Campaign monitor

    integration • Social media integration • Publishing workflow