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Building websites that stand the test of time

Building websites that stand the test of time

One of the major concerns for clients wanting a website is the longevity of that site. They want to clearly know how long their investment will last in order to budget correctly & get the most from their money. I have seen a lot of WordPress sites over the last 12 years or so, many of which have not & would not stand the test of time.

In this talk, I give away the secrets (not really!) of how I write code & build sites that do stand the test of time.

Mark Wilkinson

January 29, 2021

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  1. Building websites that stand the test of time Mark Wilkinson

    Co-founder & developer at Highrise Digital https://highrise.digital @wpmark
  2. None
  3. Better ROI

  4. Planning

  5. Asking questions at the start, about the future

  6. Education

  7. Project management

  8. highrise.digital/blog/how-to-use-trello-for-wordpress-project-management/

  9. Documentation

  10. Soapbox from Wistia

  11. Commenting your code

  12. Write extensible code

  13. Secure coding practices

  14. Do things “The WordPress Way”

  15. Tried and tested 3rd Party tools

  16. Mark Wilkinson Co-owner of Highrise Digital WordPress developer Golf addict!

    Twitter: @wpmark Instagram: @techiegolfer Twitter: @highrisedigital Web: https://highrise.digital
  17. Questions ? Although not necessarily answers! @wpmark