Ethics in software development

Ethics in software development

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In Silicon Valley (and increasingly outside of it), there's a sort of mantra virtually every CEO will tell you: "We're making the world a better place". It's an easy thing to say and to believe in. It's tempting, because it sounds so simple, yet so beautiful; endearing, but vague enough to hold no meaning. As coworkers and managers, we should ask ourselves: are we treating our team members well? When in leadership positions, are we paying a fair wage? As software creators: are we honest towards our users? Can the product/service we develop be used to exploit others, be it intentionally or by accident? If so, what can we do about that, if anything at all? What about copyrights? Privacy? I am hoping that we can explore that together with the audience. Let's think about where our work fits in the (un-)ethical spectrum, and get inspired to introduce changes in what we do.


Marta Paciorkowska

October 04, 2016