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From Ruby apps to large-scale distributed systems

From Ruby apps to large-scale distributed systems

Navigating technology as a self-taught outsider.

Marta Paciorkowska

October 08, 2019

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  1. From Ruby apps to large-scale distributed systems Navigating technology as

    a self-taught outsider Marta Paciorkowska Ada Lovelace Day, Oslo 8/10/2019
  2. From cosmonaut to literary critic Putting your foot in the

    door 02 A CURIOUS CHILD AN OUTSIDER 01 Continuously more complex systems ABSTRACTIONS 04 YOU’VE GOT THIS Why am I here? 03
  3. ASPIRING COSMONAUT Decided my career at age 7. A STRING

    THEORY FAN In primary school, I had a crush on the Backstreet Boys and Richard Feynman. NGO WORKER …and a starving translator. FIRST PROGRAM ~ 1995 Thank you, Logo turtle and Mrs. teacher from CS class. STUDIED ENGLISH LITERATURE Astronomy was my original plan. IN TECH SINCE 2013 Wrote open source Ruby code for config management.
  4. junior jobs “Are they paying me enough?” no connections gaps

    in knowledge constantly having to prove oneself THE BAD fuck the status quo “I don’t deserve the shitty software” the beginner’s mind mobility openness to change THE GOOD
  5. impostor syndrome not being taken seriously misogyny, xenophobia, prejudice, stereotypes

    crying in the bathroom “You’d be a distraction if we hired you” insecurities insecurities insecurities insecurities THE UGLY
  6. How to fit six years of tech evolution on one

    slide? It’s fascinating how IT systems evolve
  7. Applications as a Service Maturing of cloud providers and their

    services Microservice architecture Internet became a darker place
  8. Full computers that we built systems from. Isolated processes without

    virtualization. Completely abstracting away the server. Virtual computers that can fit on a server. An orchestra of containers inside clusters. SERVERS CONTAINERS SERVERLESS VMs KUBERNETES
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