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DevOps is dead

DevOps is dead

Originally given at DevOpsDays Oslo 2016

Marta Paciorkowska

September 06, 2016

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  1. DevOps is Dead (devops days oslo 2016)

  2. Marta Paciorkowska DevOps Heroine @ Acrolinx GmbH Senior Twitter ranter

    (@a_meba) Ex-activist Loves DevOps https://thatmarta.wordpress.com
  3. So I heard DevOps is dead

  4. Haters gonna hate

  5. I guess it’s serious...

  6. The original title, “DevOps is dead, long live DevOps”

  7. “DevOps, as we know it, is dead. Perhaps not many

    people agree with me, but the age of DevOps is just about over. Then again, perhaps this won’t come as a surprise to some.”
  8. “And now QA is dying, too; no one can afford

    to have it in the middle of continuous deployment.”
  9. Nir Cohen, http://slides.com/nir0s/devops-is-dead#/1/5

  10. Flavors

  11. Enterprise DevOps (more DevOps inside DevOps)

  12. Rugged DevOps (no beard = no business?) https://www.flickr.com/photos/lorenkerns/8386990440

  13. “Rugged-ities” • Availability, • Survivability, • Defensibility, • Security, •

    Longevity, • portability. Joshua Corman & Gene Kim, https://www.rsaconference.com/writable/presentations/file_upload/cld-106.pdf
  14. Serverless (it’s like spaghetti) https://www.flickr.com/photos/rusvaplauke/905363095

  15. None
  16. “There is no cloud - only other people’s computers”

  17. NoOps (it’s like modern art)

  18. NoOps is "the goal of completely automating the deployment, monitoring

    and management of applications and the infrastructure on which they run."
  19. “Once the hardware is out of the hands of the

    organization, the operations side of the equation becomes someone else’s problem.”
  20. “When DevOps isn't enough, try NoOps”

  21. “While the term ‘NoOps’ can be unpopular with some members

    of the DevOps community, as some take it to mean the exclusion of operations, we mean to describe it as the next level of DevOps.”
  22. There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation

    and naming things. (Phil Karlton)
  23. Why are people happy to see DevOps die?

  24. Is DevOps dead?

  25. Is DevOps dead? No.

  26. Thanks http://thatmarta.wordpress.com T: @a_meba | G: xamebax