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May 16, 2013

XsXprt Brochure

XsXprt™ is a user access and compliance management tool designed to work with SAP ERP system.



May 16, 2013


  1. Product Brochure

  2. Most of the companies today, are facing this challenge of

    managing user access to their Financial applications such as SAP ERP. With growing employee count, managing risk related to access is becoming critical to prevent any frauds or misreporting. A lot of pressure is forced by the internal and external stakeholders to meet the compliance requirements laid down by the regulatory bodies. Some of the common challenges companies are facing today: ❯ Identifying Segregation of Duties (SOD) violations and access to sensitive business functions ❯ Providing assurance to ‘Statutory Auditors’ on user access controls ❯ Building strong internal controls to prevent unauthorized access ❯ Actively monitoring usage of licenses and health check of users access ❯ Reducing cost of compliance and preparing for compliance audits such as SOX A recent survey of SAP ERP customers conducted by ‘insiderRESEARCH’ indicated that companies are getting very serious about protecting their financial application from risk related to user access. This is largely due to ‘Regulatory compliances’, ‘Internal policies’ and ‘Auditor suggestions’. However to manage these compliances companies they are using conventional methods such as process controls, SAP SUIM reports, spreadsheets, etc. Survey clearly highlighted that most of these customers are not happy with these tools and are looking for more advanced risk and compliance management solutions. We proudly bring to you XsXprtTM, an advanced user access and compliance management tool designed to work with SAP ERP system. It can help you manage your internal and external compliances, related to SAP user access. XsXprt provides deeper insight of user access through its comprehensive reports and simulators. It can help you identify and remediate gaps affecting your user access in SAP. With XsXprt, we bring to you leading control practices, through the vast experience our experts from diversified sectors. Some of the key features offered: ❯ Proactive identification of super user access and SOD violations, with lowest level of access details ❯ Interactive dashboard to identify and fix issues, at a quick glance ❯ Scenario based simulators to provide warning of possible violations, even before it happens ❯ Smart reports designed specifically for internal & external compliances ❯ Comprehensive rule books and matrices, to help identify violations specific to your business ❯ Automatic rule book enhancement, a feature of our innovation Target audience: ❯ Business Process Owners – for managing segregation of duties ❯ Auditors – for managing compliance reporting ❯ SAP Administrator – for managing user access change requests Some of the benefits offered: Cost effective solution for continuous compliance Proactive governance, risk management and compliance Reduced cost of compliance and effort for audit preparation Increased auditor reliance on User access controls and SOD
  3. Note: XsXprt is designed only to extract data from SAP

    and it does not change or affect the integrity of the data in SAP ERP system. About Us XsXprtTM is a solution designed by EW Consultants using its knowledge and experience of delivering SAP User access and SOD advisory services. It comes with a predefined rule-set repository of 8000+ rules. XsXprt has been performance tested for authorization data of 5000+ users. As part our services, we can help companies develop their own customized SOD Matrix and automate it using XsXprt. XsXprtTM is available in ‘With Hardware (Mac Mini Server)’ and ‘Without Hardware’ versions. It comes with 1-day ready-to-use deployment mechanism, using out-of-the-box rule-set. EW Consultants is a specialized SAP Risk Advisory firm offering a wide range of services w.r.t. SAP Access and Process controls. We have strong experience delivering risk advisory services for ‘Fortune 500’ clients across 8 countries including US, UK, Europe, APAC, UAE and India. We are also supported by our specialized partner firms of highly experienced advisory professionals, having a combined experience of over 500+ man-years. Reach us for more product details, demo or a sales enquiry: EW Consultants Private Limited 107, Safal Prelude, Off. Corporate Road, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015 (India) +91-79-65444107 contact@xsxprt.in | contact@ewcindia.co.in www.xsxprt.in | www.ewcindia.co.in Disclaimer: SAP, R/3, mySAP, NetWeaver and ABAP are legal trademarks of the SAP AG, Walldorf. EW Consultants Private Limited has no intention to use any of the SAP AG trademarks. Mac Mini Server is a product of Apple Inc. and EW Consultants is not liable for the hardware provided by Apple Inc. XsXprt TM is a Trademark of EW Consultants Private Limited. SAP Certified Integration using ‘Xtract IS’ from Theobald Software GmbH XsXprt Dashboard XsXprt Simulator