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Revisiting Effective Java

Revisiting Effective Java

Joshua Bloch gifted us with the 3rd edition of "Effective Java", but more than 10 years have been past since the last edition. Now we have a whole generation of Java developers that could benefit from this knowledge - but lost the past wave. It's about time to revisit all of this wonderful content, and upgrade your skills to the latest versions of the Java platform. Join us on this deep dive session to check what is the updated Effective Java, and even add some more tips not included in the book!


Edson Yanaga

November 05, 2020


  1. Revisiting Effective Java Edson Yanaga @yanaga

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  3. @yanaga 3 https://bit.ly/mono2microdb

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  6. @yanaga 6 New in 3rd Edition

  7. @yanaga 7 Lambdas Streams Optionals Default methods in interfaces try-with-resources

  8. @yanaga 8 My personal favorites

  9. @yanaga 9 Factory methods (1) try-with-resources (9) equals (10) hashCode

    (11) toString (12) Comparable (14) Minimize mutability (17) Enums (34)
  10. 10

  11. @yanaga 11 Functional Interfaces

  12. @yanaga 12 Favor Strategy over Template Method

  13. @yanaga 13 UnaryOperator<T> BinaryOperator<T> Predicate<T> Function<T,R> Supplier<T> Consumer<T>

  14. @yanaga 14 @yanaga