Machine learning & JavaScript, no you're not dreaming

Machine learning & JavaScript, no you're not dreaming


Yaser (aka Yashints)

August 03, 2019


  1. ML & JS No you’re not dreaming

  2. ML & JS No you’re not dreaming

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  4. None
  5. @yashints Or is it? ➔

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  7. Lead consultant @Readify Meet Yaser @yashints

  8. Why do it in browser? Wide distribution Interactive Sensors Data

    stays on the client
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  10. @yashints Tensorflow.js

  11. @yashints Allows inference and training entirely in the browser or

    Node.js Released March 2018 GPU-accelerated via WebGL TensorFlow.js
  12. @yashints Empower a diverse group of developers Enable ML peeps

    to port their work to web
  13. @yashints Build your own Run existing models Retrain with transfer

  14. @yashints TF TPU TF GPU Core API WebGL Layers API

    Model Browser Node.js TF CPU Keras Model Tensorflow Saved models
  15. @yashints Pre-trained models • MobileNet Object detection • PoseNet

    Human pose detection • CocoSSD Object localisation • BodyPix Human segmentation • USE Text classification
  16. @yashints Browser examples

  17. @yashints BodyPix demo

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  19. @yashints Creatability

  20. @yashints Airbnb

  21. @yashints Speech command

  22. @yashints Node.js & Desktop

  23. @yashints Doctor Clinic

  24. @yashints Magenta Studio

  25. @yashints Retraining in Node.js

  26. @yashints Retraining in Node.js

  27. @yashints Demo

  28. @yashints “A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to

    make one believe in God.” “ Alan Perlis
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