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docker for web developers

April 30, 2019

docker for web developers

Slides for my talk about docker for web developers. This talk is a demo heavy one and slides are just for intro and some benefits


April 30, 2019

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  1. Physical Server Host OS (win, linux, etc) Hypervisor (VMWare, HyperV)

    Guest OS Bins /Lib App Guest OS Bins /Lib App Guest OS Bins /Lib App VM Physical Server Host OS (win, linux, etc) Bins/Lib App A App A Bins/Lib App B App B App B Container
  2. A set of instructions to tell docker how to build

    an image DOCKERFILE Your host operating system (i.e. linux or windows) Host Starting point, including your app bundle, and possibly other libs to run Image Compose is a tool for defining and running multi container Docker apps Docker compose A running image Container Terminology
  3. Minimising the difference between your local and prod Big win

    for local dev What makes it special? Thousands of ready to go containers Big community
  4. Various processes on different containers will give you the ability

    to implement least privilege (exposing the ports you need to etc) Security What else? Containers create isolated processes, great for running different versions of libs (node, python, etc) App isolation
  5. Docker lets you configure your app on top of the

    infrastructure real easy, decoupling it from app env Easy config Even more? Setting up environments is super- easy. Faster tests, means fastser feedback cycles Simplified testing
  6. Days Hours Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes Seconds < Minute Seconds

    Minutes Seconds Seconds Rapid development Ships within … Virtual Machine Container Bare Metal Manual deployments takes … Automatic deployments takes … Boots in …