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Web performance - Browser APIs

October 14, 2020

Web performance - Browser APIs

Performing tuning and improvements has never been this easy. Why use 3rd party tools when you have many APIs available right within your browser


October 14, 2020

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  1. “Performance optimisation is the act of monitoring and analysing the

    speed and interactivity of the application and identifying ways to improve it.” @yashints
  2. Place your screenshot here How to measure? ✘ Chrome DevTools

    (lighthouse) ✘ 3rd party tools @yashints
  3. Monitoring ✘ User Timing API ✘ Performance Timeline API ✘

    Navigation timing API ✘ Resource timing API ✘ Long tasks API
  4. User Timing API ✘ Performance marks ✘ Performance measures ✘

    Accessible by `performance` object @yashints
  5. Navigation timing API ✘ PerformanceNavigationTiming ✗ Total page load time

    ✗ Request response time ✗ Page render time @yashints
  6. Resource timing API ✘ Network request timing ✗ High-resolution timestamps

    ✗ Resource loading timestamps ✗ Resource size @yashints
  7. Long Task API ✘ Tasks running for 50ms or more

    ✗ Culprit browsing context container ✗ Attreibutions @yashints
  8. @yashints Use what you already have Page Visibility API Network

    Information API Intersection Observer API Resize Observer API
  9. Network Information API ✘ NetworkInformation ✗ Detect connection changes ✗

    Preload large requests ✗ Exposed via `navigator.connection` @yashints
  10. Page Visibility API ✘ Watch for when a page is

    not visible to user ✘ document.hidden ✘ document.visibiltyState ✘ document.onVisibilityChange @yashints
  11. Resize Observer API ✘ Monitoring object sizes in a performant

    way ✘ ResizeObserver ✘ ResizeObserverEntry @yashints
  12. Intersection Observer API ✘ Observe changes in intersection of an

    element asyncronously ✘ IntersectionObserver ✘ IntersectionObserverEntry @yashints
  13. Use cases Lazy loading images Infinite scrolling Prevent running tasks

    or animations Ad revenue reporting @yashints