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How to Grow Your Community - Case Study of CoderDojo in Japan: Reaching to 200+ Dojos

How to Grow Your Community - Case Study of CoderDojo in Japan: Reaching to 200+ Dojos

These are the slides prepared and used for Scratch Conference Europe 2019. https://scratchconferenceeurope.raspberrypi.org

NOTE: This includes cut-out slides that are removed in my actual talk.

Me: https://twitter.com/yasulab

cf. 6 insightful talks at Scratch Conference Europe!

Yohei Yasukawa

August 25, 2019

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  2. ҆઒ ཁฏ Yohei Yasukawa
 CEO of YassLab Inc. & Co-founder

  3. None
  4. ☕ From OpenSource Cafe in 2012

  5. Tech × Kids × OpenSource

  6. Learning from each other

  7. Show & Tell

  8. Everyone ‘enjoys’ Dojo

  9.  + in total   TFTTJPOT Growing year by


  11. How?

  12. What makes it happen?

  13. That’s my my talk today.

  14.  + in total   TFTTJPOT Let’s look inside

    Japan ‑ Early days ➡ Recent days
  15.  + in total   TFTTJPOT In the early

    days ➡ Recent days ‑ Early days
  16. None
  17. CoderDojo in Tokyo the 1st, small dojo in Japan

  18. Every Weekend have a session ( 300+ only in the

    1st dojo in Tokyo)
  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. People stop by, get inspired, and start remixing a dojo.

  23.  EPKPT

  24.  EPKPT

  25.  EPKPT

  26.  EPKPT

  27. “Remix” often happens when people meet people

  28.  + in total   TFTTJPOT Early Days: “Remix”

    ➡ Recent days ‑ Early days
  29.  + in total   TFTTJPOT Recent Days: “Collaboration”

    ➡ Recent days ‑ Early days
  30. 1. Meetups 2. Partners 3. Documents 4. Highlights

  31. Meetups to be more connected

  32. "%PKP%FDB%PKP%PKP$PO ☯º ☯ºʙ ☯º

  33. 8݄: DojoCon Japan 2016

  34. “Share” frequently- asked questions beyond dojos



  37. ONLY ONE answer?

  38. Various reasons to attend, to mentor,
 to start a dojo.

    NO (at least in Japan)
  39. Some kid says about learning:
 “Web, Books, and CoderDojo” When

    you find something interesting: 1. Google it by Web 2. Search it by Books 3. Ask it by CoderDojo
  40. 8IZNFOUPSJOHBU$PEFS%PKP  “Attending CoderDojo pushes up my motivation to learn

    more and more. In this community you meet various people in ages, fields, and hobbies. You will discover new things in yourself from such a diverse community.” cf. i:Engineer, Persol Technology https://persol-tech-s.co.jp/i-engineer/human/coderdojo
  41. Another one calls for members to start a dojo because

    no dojos around home.
  42. Partners to make Dojos more fun!

  43. ☯ CoderDojo Japan got incorporated in 2016

  44. as one of regional bodies.

  45. Many partners! ✨ https://coderdojo.jp/#partners

  46. SAKURA Internet provides ‘servers’ with each dojo.

  47. donates 350+ laptops/desktops

  48. provides ‘online platform’ to learn programming.


  50. Documents to be more self-directed

  51. CoderDojo Charter (ݑষ)

  52. cf. https://www.slideshare.net/MasanoriNezumiya/coderdojo-79835899 CoderDojo ݑষ Dojo Dojo Dojo Dojo Dojo Dojo

    Dojo Dojo Dojo Dojo CoderDojo Japan CoderDojo Foundation Each dojo can take action based on ݑষ Illustrate how ݑষ works
  53. Illustrate how ݑষ works We often use ‘Park’ as a

    metaphor for ݑষ cf. https://coderdojo.jp/#welcome ެԂ
  54. Kata (ܕ) helps your action

  55. %FDB%PKP JO0LJOBXB w/ support by Urasoe city http://www.city.urasoe.lg.jp/ docs/2019080100065/ %PKP#VEPLBJ

    JO)JSPTIJNB w/ governor’s video message http://www.coderdojo- hiroshima.com/budokai/2017-fall To enhance Autonomy & Cooperation cf. Workshops in Informatics Education: An Open Programming Workshop, CoderDojo is Expanding with "Autonomy" and “Cooperation”, Information Processing Society of Japan (Junya Ishihara, 2017)
  56. Highlights to share what we learned.

  57. DojoCast https://coderdojo.jp/podcasts

  58. DojoLetter https://news.coderdojo.jp

  59. Upcoming Events https://coderdojo.jp/events

  60. https://coderdojo.jp/stats Stats on Dojo

  61. Facebook & Twitter https://twitter.com/CoderDojoJapan https://facebook.com/coderdojo.jp/

  62. Various elements interact with each other. ♻✨

  63. 1. Meetups 2. Partners 3. Documents 4. Highlights

  64.  + in total   TFTTJPOT ➡ Recent days

    ‑ Early days Recent Days: “Collaboration”
  65. To be better than before ✨

  66. for better place to be COOL!