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JNUC 2023 - Flexible IT Accelerates Problem Solving

September 21, 2023

JNUC 2023 - Flexible IT Accelerates Problem Solving

September 19–21, 2023
JNUC 2023 - Jamf Nation User Conference at Austin, Texas

Flexible IT Accelerates Problem Solving
- A mixed environment of Windows and macOS will be our new standard.

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There are several ways in which the IT environment can contribute to corporate challenges.
I’m sure that you all come across situations where you need to take on a big challenge.
What are the tips for such situations?
We think there are two important things: "Let's try anyway" and "Don't fix the idea.”
A flexible system is one that can adapt to change.
I believe that having such a system and IT department in place means a strong ability to adapt to corporate change and corporate evolution.
And that means having an IT environment in which employees can perform.
I believe that is what makes a business successful.
And we believe that successful business accelerates the resolution of social issues.


September 21, 2023

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  1. © copyright 2002–2023 Jamf Flexible IT Accelerates Problem Solving -

    A mixed environment of Windows and macOS will be our new standard.
  2. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Yoshinori Inaba GO Inc. Director of

    IT / Registered Information Security Specialistʢ#0002776ʣ Mayu Shirai GO Inc. System Administrator / Device Management Specialist / Jamf Certi fi ed 170
  3. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf GO Inc. is the provider of

    Japan's No. 1 taxi-hailing app, GO.
  4. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Other services we provide include tra

    ff i c accident reduction services that combine drive recorders and AI, and the GX (Green Transformation) decarbonization service for taxi industry.
  5. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Japan is… Here Japan It is

    famous for its various cultures and landscapes. © 2001 Studio GhibliɾNDDTM. © 2001 Studio GhibliɾNDDTM
  6. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Here Japan Japan is an Advanced

    Nation with Challenges. Japan is a country facing many challenges that developed countries face for the fi rst time, such as low birthrate, aging population, disasters, concentration of population in urban areas, and aging infrastructure. an Advanced Nation with Challenges
  7. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf GO Inc. is… GO Inc. is

    a company that is taking on the challenge of solving Japan's problems, especially transportation issues, using the power of IT. It is important that the GOInc. IT environment is easy to use, more secure, and very fl exible.
  8. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf IT to contribute to the Business

    • The IT environment must be attractive to employees. • IT should not be a bottleneck. First, Japan has a shortage of workers, especially young people. In order for companies to meet the challenge, they need to attract talented people. Second, IT environments can sometimes be frustrating or inconvenient for employees.
  9. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf statcounter GlobalStats “Operating System Market Share

    Worldwide” June 2023 https://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share Worldwide Japan Desktop OS Windows 68.23% 68.92% OS X 21.32% 16.60% Other 10.45% 14.48% Mobile OS Android 70.79% 32.13% iOS 28.44% 67.74% Other 0.77% 0.13% Tablet OS Android 46.23% 24.23% iOS 53.59% 75.69% Other 0.18% 0.08% 🤔 😳 😳
  10. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Have a Choice Photo by hannah

    grace on Unsplash it is important for employees to be able to choose an OS and device that they are familiar with, not just Windows or Mac. The choice is appealing. Option 1 Option 2
  11. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Don’t slow down business In April

    2020, the IT environment slowed down business. Since then, we have built an IT environment that an accelerate, not to decelerate. In April 2023, we tried again the power of the IT environment April 2020 April 2023
  12. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf We use Microsoft Entra But we

    use Mac too. .BD &OUSB *OUVOF 8JOEPXT1$ (GO’s device management environmentʣ
  13. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Microsoft Entra w/ macOSʁ Is it

    inconvenient to manage Microsoft Entra without Windows?
  14. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf We can manage Microsoft Entra on

    macOS With PowerShell, it's easy to create or modify a large number of accounts, even on macOS.
  15. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf All you need is VS Code

    and PowerShell The operations are almost the same as those performed on Windows before! Visual Studio Code on macOS : https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/setup/mac Installing PowerShell on macOS: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/install/ installing-powershell-on-macos?view=powershell-7.3
  16. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf There is no step 4 😝

    I was able to change the domain for 800 accounts with just this script. I only used two things here: Graph API and the Exchange Online module.
  17. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf STEP 1 Download user information I

    use Graph API to download user information as a CSV fi le.
  18. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf I separate domains based on the

    position of the delimiter. Create a CSV fi le with only the text before "@" symbol. STEP 2 I edit the downloaded CSV fi le
  19. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf STEP 3 import the created list

    I edit the downloaded information and replace the domain using the Exchange module.
  20. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf User action - There is no

    step 2 😎 Users only need to change their mail address at Jamf connect. Please watch the actual video.
  21. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf We have PowerShell !! Power Shell

    Gallery https://www.powershellgallery.com/ Microsoft .Graph.API Reference https://learn.microsoft.com/ja-jp/powershell/module/microsoft.graph.applications/?view=graph-powershell-1.0
  22. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Flexible systems enhance business We didn't

    become a bottleneck this time. We were able to support the business decisions to accelerate the business. April 2020 April 2023
  23. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Let’s try anyway Today's IT can

    be tried immediately by one person. more newer and more attractive more fl exible and more simple more connected and more convenient Photo by John Oswald on Unsplash
  24. © copyright 2002-2023 Jamf Don’t fi x the idea Let

    go of your assumptions. Work can be done on either Windows or Mac. PowerShell works on both Windows and Mac.