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Yash Prabhu
October 28, 2017


How public speaking made me a better leader (and vice-versa)

Yash Prabhu

October 28, 2017

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  1. How public speaking made me a better leader (and vice-versa)

    Yash Prabhu @yashvprabhu speakerdeck.com/yprabhu/elaconf2017
  2. Image Credit Journey

  3. Develop Self-awareness & Empathy Expect the Unexpected Listen, Learn &

    Grow @yashvprabhu
  4. Develop self-awareness & empathy #WOCinTech

  5. “Know Thyself, Improve Thyself, Complement Thyself” Anthony Tjan How leaders

    become self-aware Harvard Business Review
  6. Ask yourself why before you tell others why

  7. Provide structure in slides Provide structure in schedule & processes

  8. Build rapport with audience Build trust with team

  9. Write about your experiences

  10. Image Credit Expect the Unexpected

  11. “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” Murphy’s Law

  12. Technical mishaps happen Mistakes happen

  13. Have a script but don’t memorize it

  14. People leave

  15. #WOCinTech Listen, Learn & Grow

  16. “You don’t need to know all the answers” Anonymous 360

  17. Don’t know answers? Get back to audience/team

  18. Pay attention to feedback Meetup or feedback form or speaker

    mentorship 360 reviews or peer reviews or 1:1s
  19. Develop your own speaking and management style

  20. Resources & Takeaways #WOCinTech

  21. Public speaking resources Present! - Poornima Vijayashanker & Karen Catlin

    Confessions of a public speaker - Scott Berkun Presentation Zen - Garr Reynolds Tech Speak Digest - Cate Huston & Chiu-ki Chan Callback Women Conferences - ElaConf, Write/Speak/Code
  22. Leadership Resources Camille Fournier - The Manager’s Path Kim Scott

    - Radical Candor Blogs - Lara Hogan, Cate Huston, Patrick Kua Harvard Business Review askamanager.org eng-managers.slack.com
  23. Takeaways Public speaking & leadership are not innate abilities Build

    your confidence by starting small Get out of your comfort zone and ask for or grab opportunity
  24. Image Credit