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Designing For Humans (like You & Me)

97d21da8e0ffa8f81218a293482c253a?s=47 Matheus
June 22, 2016

Designing For Humans (like You & Me)

Just a small conversation which aims to integrate basic knowledge of areas related to user feedback research, experience journeys creation, user behavior analysis - among others -, with the aim of presenting basic aspects of user interfaces under the bias of understanding them based on our cognitive functions.



June 22, 2016

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  1. @ythecombinator #BEPiD designing f humans (like y & me)

  2. slidс ava able at: bit.ly/ux-design-bepid

  3. th is not a с tati

  4. th a conversation

  5. let's talk about ... ch ogy soci ogy ne ci

    y n t app
  6. brain

  7. the h a limited. ( d tha not news to

    y e).
  8. le t k ab t memory & attention...

  9. a memory

  10. a mech m ich s to manipulate and understand the

    world, tak g to acc t our living context and experiences.
  11. a mem sensory

  12. using our senses, a id tifiс, o с d c

    p e f mati , sîp g mem d recognizing patterns
  13. demo t e

  14. None
  15. affordance pрÎptu ch ogy cognitive ch ogy v m t

    ch ogy d i dсign h –c tр tрacti р pрi
  16. visual information fr objecʦ makes it obvious to us its

  17. h m y buttons have y evр ed?

  18. Recognize != Remember

  19. Recogniz g ab t checking ided information. Remembр g ab

    t searching your memory f the right information. Recogniz g requ с much s a o g th remembр g. Recogniz g much faster!
  20. None
  21. a mem short-term

  22. i рe the data coded by s mem analyzed (

    y ab t 7 items c be st ed)
  23. demo t e

  24. 8039722088 3809722088

  25. The y way to get d the sh t-tрm mem

    l itati minimizing the user's memory load.
  26. a mem sh t-tрm system behavior

  27. None
  28. never evр leave the d k.

  29. a mem long-term

  30. st с the relevant information fr sh t-tрm mem

  31. Context Practice Recency

  32. a mem sh t-tрm gestures

  33. Î d t d that acti makс life e iр,

    th 'll e it frequently.
  34. a mem sh t-tрm onboarding

  35. educate the р behavi with small doses of information

  36. a mem sh t-tрm recency

  37. i much likлy that w search again, in a short

    period of time, a reÎntly ac ed f mati
  38. a mem overview

  39. MEMORY FUNCTION DURATION PRACTICES Sensory Encoding 2–5 ms Affordance Short-term

    Retention 15–30 s System Behaviour Previous Actions Long-term Recovery - Gestures Onboarding Recency
  40. None
  41. a attention

  42. mental activity d p ed р a ta object

  43. fovea retina s рa c nea p optic nрve

  44. Light Reflected Light F ea Ret a

  45. Peripheral Central Fr ge A ti Foc A ti

  46. a a ti punches on rails

  47. None
  48. None
  49. 20% 20% 60% read a block t t at a

    t e bef e s g to sî m e read e page +/- c etлy d th s ed, so that the s ’s c t t w re aÎd with new t t read l e-by-l e — th foc ed a s gle v few l с the s e s g m t c t tly
  50. None
  51. None
  52. bad guys t thрe

  53. bad guys t thрe uintuitive empty states

  54. ✓ w c p ed lay t ✓ beautif gra

    i ✓ f g the guidл
  55. ? why thрe a big se ch bu if thрe

    e no c ecti ? ? y doс the h t iʦлf not c ta add bu ? ! the sec d m t t лem t, the age obvi ly not tappab
  56. None
  57. None
  58. empty states 't y ab t aсtheti & d g;

    th have a v important role ab ity!
  59. bad guys t thрe hidden navigation

  60. p g menu opti a m e v ible way

    e engagement, satisfaction d ev rev ue.
  61. None
  62. None
  63. None
  64. None
  65. None
  66. “ a out of sight , t m d.”

  67. bad guys out there Ic , ic ev рe

  68. None
  69. None
  70. "le sh e"

  71. "le sh e"

  72. "le sh e"

  73. Avoid icons with c flict g me gs Use labels

    evр it w d hлp the Always tсt your design choices
  74. Basic functionality c be effectivлy re с ted by icons

    but f complex features, text labels sh d be ed.
  75. the bсt ic the one that e most familiar with.

  76. bad guys t thрe gestures

  77. th e always hidden. Peo e nîd to remembр them.

    If y hide an option, s peo e w e it.
  78. m t gсt с e not st d d d

    consistent across apps yet
  79. "j t ipe right"

  80. th said

  81. bad guys out there bad bo d g

  82. m y w skip y o; they just want to

    get started with the app. (if th notiÎ y tut i , they usually forget everything so th e the ay.)
  83. user interface like a joke. If y have to a

    it, it’s not that good
  84. None
  85. peo e le n best by doing

  86. None
  87. ide the f mati in short, easily digestible ch

  88. s le nt

  89. don't t me

  90. god t; oth must g data

  91. Do y own thinking. Do y own design. Do y

    own research.
  92. th x @ythecombinator #BEPiD