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Pycon JPで転職してみた人のホンネ

Pycon JPで転職してみた人のホンネ

PyCon JP 2018で使ったLTのスライドです

yumechi(Motoki Hirao)

September 17, 2018

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  1. 1ZUIPOͳΒ def request(resource_path, params=None, body=None, method='GET', timeout=10): pass # ͱએݴ͓͚ͯ͠͹ɺԼه͸͢΂ͯݺͼग़ͤΔ

    request('/get_user/raara/') request('/new_live/', method='POST', body='info') request('/all_songs/', timeout=30) !14
  2. MJTUͷσϑΥϧτ஋͸᠘ >>> def add_user(users=[], user_name='mirei'): ... users.append(user_name) ... return users

    ... >>> print(add_user()) ['mirei'] >>> print(add_user()) ['mirei', 'mirei'] !15