Keynote by Dr. Julia Nordgren

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June 22, 2019

Keynote by Dr. Julia Nordgren

We have never had this discussion before at the IFBC and we do not believe there is a definitive answer. But we think it is a question worth exploring! Here are just a few things to consider:

- Do writers in general have a responsibility for what they write or is it the reader’s responsibility to judge what they read?
- What does responsibility mean in this context anyway?
- Can you think of any writing that you would consider irresponsible?
- In the world of food and health, is “healthy” just one’s person opinion versus another or should we be driven by the facts and data?
- If you do agree you have a responsibility to consider health in your food blogging, what can you do?

These questions are just a prelude to Dr. Nordgren’s talk. If you have any ideas on this subject, please share them here and we will be sure to pass them on. And come prepared June 20-23 in Juneau with your questions!


Zephyr Conferences

June 22, 2019