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Auto-scaling Applications in 10 Minutes

Auto-scaling Applications in 10 Minutes

This talk will show how to deploy a CakePHP application with AWS OpsWorks. It will cover auto scalling by time range or server load, and how the load is distributed between the servers.

Zumba Technology

September 01, 2013

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  1. Auto Scaling Applications in 10 Minutes Juan Basso @jrbasso System

    Architect - Zumba Fitness
  2. Ingredients AWS Account AWS OpsWorks Chef Cookbooks Your Awesome App

    Some Money Patience
  3. Some Terms AWS: Amazon Web Services EC2: Amazon Elastic Compute

    Cloud ELB: Elastic Load Balancing RDS: Amazon Relational Database Service
  4. Architecture Evolution

  5. Starting

  6. Separate the Load

  7. More Instances for the Load

  8. Auto Scaling

  9. Getting There With OpsWorks

  10. What is OpsWorks? Free Tool with AWS Account Simple Interface

    for Setup the Deployment Easy Setup of Auto Scaling DevOps Application Management Service
  11. What is Necessary? AWS Account Application in Some Repository Create

    Chef Cookbooks Put the Cookbooks on Some Repository
  12. Chef Cookbooks??? n o d e [ : d e

    p l o y ] . e a c h d o | a p p l i c a t i o n , d e p l o y | i n c l u d e _ r e c i p e ' a p a c h e 2 : : s e r v i c e ' e x e c u t e ' S e t u p P H P d e f a u l t t i m e z o n e ' d o a c t i o n : r u n c o m m a n d " s e d - i ' s / ; d a t e \ . t i m e z o n e . * / d a t e . t i m e z o n e = U T C / g ' ` p h p - r ' e c h o p h p _ i n i _ l o a d e d _ f i l e ( ) ; ' ` " u s e r ' r o o t ' n o t i f i e s : r e l o a d , r e s o u r c e s ( : s e r v i c e = > " a p a c h e 2 " ) , : d e l a y e d e n d e n d
  13. Components Stack Layers Instances Application

  14. OpsWorks Step-By-Step

  15. Links and Configs Application: git://github.com/croogo/croogo.git (tag v1.5.3) Cookbook: git://github.com/jrbasso/croogo-cookbook Setup:

    c a k e p h p : : s e t u p Configure: p h p : : t i m e z o n e _ c f g Deploy: c r o o g o : : i n s t a l l and p h p : : t i m e z o n e _ c f g Create the RDS and ELB beforehand Import database data PS: Sessions are going to be stored on DB
  16. Create the Load Balancer

  17. Create the Database

  18. Welcome Page from OpsWorks

  19. Creating the Stack (Part 1)

  20. Creating the Stack (Part 2)

  21. Creating PHP Layer

  22. Configuring PHP Layer

  23. Before Setup Instances

  24. Creating the Instance

  25. 24/7 Instance Created

  26. Created Load and Time Based Instances

  27. Setting Up Time Based Instances

  28. Setting Up Load Based Instances

  29. Creating Application

  30. Application Created

  31. Monitoring Servers

  32. Auto Starting a Load Instance

  33. Questions?