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Sleep better by automating monitoring for your app

Sleep better by automating monitoring for your app

This talk will show strategies for monitoring your server and application. Get notified when your server or application encounters problems. Also, the talk will cover some ways to centralize, parse, and analyze your logs when your application is running in multiple servers.

Zumba Technology

August 31, 2013

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    - @jrbasso System Architect - Zumba Fitness
  2. I AM NOT... Being paid by any company Associated of

    any company Getting any kind of benefit Professional Talker :D
  3. TYPES OF MONITORING Server Application (Your CakePHP App!) Client Side

    (JavaScript, Timing, Content, Privileges) System Monitoring (CPU, Memory, Network) Logs (What is Going On) Metrics (Listen to the Numbers)
  4. SERVER APPLICATION What is happening with your CakePHP app? Is

    your app running? Is your cron apps running as planned? Why are my requests slow in production? Works fine on my local!
  5. NEW RELIC Site: PHP Extension + SaaS Focused on the

    Application Good PHP Integration Show Slow Queries Show Slow Transactions Request Trace Detail CakePHP Friendly SLA Reports http://www.newrelic.com
  6. None
  7. APPDYNAMICS Site: SaaS Focused on Network Show Slow Queries Show

    Slow Transactions Request Trace Detail NOT CakePHP Friendly http://www.appdynamics.com/
  8. None
  9. ZEND SERVER Site: Web Server with Monitoring Store Full Request

    Detail Request Trace Detail All-in-one http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/
  10. None
  11. APM Site: Extension, Free, Poor Documentation Hard to Install http://pecl.php.net/package/APM

  12. None
  13. CLIENT SIDE Can the users hit my pages? How many

    users are using my site? What is the page load time? Is it usable? Is the user having issues with his browser? Some users complain about some page, but works on my local!
  14. NEW RELIC (CLIENT SIDE) Page Load Time Health Check Corelate

    User and Server Requests
  15. None
  16. APPDYNAMICS (CLIENT SIDE) Page Load Time Health Check Corelate User

    and Server Requests JavaScript Errors
  17. None
  18. QBAKA Site: https://qbaka.com SaaS Javascript Error Reporting Require Some JS

    on the Page
  19. None
  20. REAL TIME VISITORS Google Analytics ( ) Pingdom ( )

    Gauges ( ) https://www.google.com/analytics https://www.pingdom.com http://get.gaug.es
  21. SYSTEM MONITORING My app is down! Why?!?! I didn't change

    the code! I can connect to the service, but why the app doesn't work? What part of the system is not working? Is my server over or under capacity? Do I need to scale up/down my servers? Should I? Can I?
  22. SCOUT Site: SaaS Lots of Charts Based on Plugins Ruby

    Friendly Alerts by E-mail, SMS, PagerDuty, Web Hooks https://scoutapp.com/
  23. None
  24. SERVER DENSITY Site: SaaS Cloud, Server and Site Monitoring Responsive

    Interface Alerts by E-mail, SMS, Push Notifications, Web Hooks Can Re-Scale Instances (from docs) http://www.serverdensity.com/
  25. None
  26. BOUNDARY Site: SaaS Linux Kernel Module Deep Network Monitoring Proactive

    Alerting (Cristal Ball) http://boundary.com/
  27. None
  28. NAGIOS Site: The Classic! The Legend! You Have to Manage

    Tons of Checkers Hard To Setup Ugly Interface http://www.nagios.org
  29. None
  30. LOGS What is wrong with my server? Is my code/server

    crashing? How to find an error in a pile of logs?
  31. LOGGLY Site: SaaS Combine All Logs Real-Time http://loggly.com/

  32. None
  33. PAPERTRAIL Site: SaaS Combine All Logs Real-Time https://papertrailapp.com/

  34. None
  35. SPLUNK / SPLUNKSTORM Site: Standalone and SaaS Combine All Logs

    Real-Time Create Filters and Analyzers http://splunkstorm.com/
  36. None
  37. LOGSTASH + KIBANA 3 Site: and You Have to Host

    It Very Easy to Customize (Custom Dashboards) Create Filters and Analyzers Logstash Can Be Distributed Free / Open Source http://logstash.net/ http://three.kibana.org/
  38. None
  39. METRICS How is your audience? Increased a lot? Decreased a

    lot? How is your revenue? Can users from all locations access your site? Are you selling? Are you shipping user orders?
  40. LIBRATO Site: SaaS Generate Custom Graphs https://metrics.librato.com/

  41. None
  42. STATSD + GRAPHITE Site: Open Source from Etsy (Node.js) Lightweight

  43. None
  44. SOME METRICS TYPES Analyzing Logs Quantity Analyzing Access Analyzing User

    Region (country, state) Analyzing Languages Analyzing Network Analyzing RPM (Requests Per Minute)
  45. REVIEW - TYPES Server Application Client Side System Monitoring Logs


  47. THANKS