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API Usability Testing — 18F Demo Day, 9 May 2014

API Usability Testing — 18F Demo Day, 9 May 2014

18F at GSA

May 09, 2014

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  1. Direct, actionable feedback.
    Gray Brooks // [email protected]
    API Usability Testing

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  2. Why Do

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  3. What is API Usability?

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  4. What Agencies Get
    ● Outside Perspective &
    Actionable Feedback
    ● Repeatable Process
    ● Integration into a Wider

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  5. What’s Next?
    For Agencies
    ● Crawl -> Walk -> Run
    For the API Usability Program
    ● Pilot -> Scale
    ● Interested? Email us at
    [email protected]

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