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CAP Communicart — 18F Demo Day, 9 May 2014

CAP Communicart — 18F Demo Day, 9 May 2014

18F at GSA

May 09, 2014

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    Federal Acquisition Service

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  2. Bennie
    Federal Purchase Card Holder

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  3. “Purchasing is broken up. There is one step
    and then a wait, another step and then a wait,
    because we don’t have a process.”

    - Bennie, P-Card Holder
    Government purchasing is complex because rules of
    fairness and auditing separate the purchaser from the
    person wanting the items—-which also occurs in nursing
    homes and other places. Our permissively reusable code
    can be found at https://github.com/18F/C2.

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  4. P-Card holders have 3 main problems.
    The multi-person approval and audit rules
    create internal communication problems.
    1. Knowing where they
    are in the process
    2. Organizing multiple
    streams of information
    3. Anticipating and getting
    timely approvals
    “Some (orders) automatically reconcile
    and some don’t. You get confused.”
    - Yolanda, GSA
    “There are over 15 spreadsheets for
    me to keep updated.”
    - Brian, Interior
    “This recent time we have gone back
    and forth 3 or 4 times.”
    - Cheryl, GSA

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  5. 5
    Automates Emails
    Keeps requesters, approvers and
    everyone else in the loop.
    Communicart is convenient.
    Stores Data
    Requests, approvals, and data are
    stored for easy future reference.
    Communicart is an approvals organizer built around email so it fits into the
    existing workflow of acquisition professionals.

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  6. Communicart makes it easy to approve purchases and share results with
    requestors, approvers and peers.
    Communicart is intuitive.
    Easy Display Approval Bar
    A single click to collect all your
    Exportable Spreadsheet
    Easy communication with everyone
    and every database.
    Full Purchase Item Details

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  7. 18F and CAP built Communicart in two months by running 1-2 week sprints.
    Communicart leverages agile development.
    Business and developers
    collaborate daily
    Working software is our
    measure of success
    The customer is the highest
    priority 2 Week

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  8. 8
    1 team
    16 testers
    300K P-Card holders
    2 Million hours
    Hacking the acquisition process with 

    easy-to-use Digital Services drives 

    efficiency, transparency, and savings.

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