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Firebase Developer Day

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January 18, 2018

Firebase Developer Day

It is a document released at Firebase developer day.



January 18, 2018

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  1. Firebase for Startup nori Dec 2017 @1amageek Hi Firebase Developer

    Day How are you?
  2. Norikazu Muramoto Cookpad Inc Development Manager

  3. Firebase for Development Manager

  4. Abstract request

  5. Clarify

  6. Prioritize

  7. MVP

  8. MVP Minimum Viable Product

  9. Why MVP is important?

  10. Because there will be failures.

  11. Start Goal Startup’s way

  12. Start Goal Startup’s way Failure

  13. Start Goal Increase sampling rate.

  14. Quick development

  15. None
  16. Realtime Database Cloud Functions Authentication Cloud Firestore Hosting Cloud Storage

    Analytics Cloud Messaging Remote Config DEVELOP STABILITY ANALYTICS GROW Crash Reporting We are using ..
  17. Firebase for Engineer

  18. iOS Engineer Project owner Sales Director Our team 1 1

    4 2 Designer 1
  19. iOS Engineer Project owner Sales Director Our team 1 1

    4 2 Designer 1 Our team has no server-side engineers
  20. Client Server Model Development until now Client Server Infra

  21. Design confined to the REST API Client Server Development on

    the server side is necessary Communication occur among engineers
  22. Engineer loves Firebase Client Firebase CloudFunctions ʤŋŋŋʥ

  23. Engineer loves Firebase Realtime Database Client Firebase CloudFunctions ʤŋŋŋʥ

  24. 2 APIs

  25. Salada Firebase Model Framework Pring Firestore Model Framework https://qiita.com/1amageek OSS

  26. Firebase for Director

  27. User Segment

  28. User Segment Send push notification

  29. One console

  30. Seamless

  31. When to use Firebase


  33. Time SALES Product sales curve

  34. Time Necessity DEVELOP

  35. Time Necessity ANALYTICS

  36. Time Necessity ANALYTICS GROW


  38. Usually

  39. Seamless Quick development Usually

  40. Firebase is the best platform for startup

  41. Thank you