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20210609_IBM Champion Call Tanaka Seigo

20210609_IBM Champion Call Tanaka Seigo

This is my presentation in Champion Call June 2021. Title is "IBM Champions: Data & AI for Japan Report".

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June 11, 2021


  1. 20210609_IBM Champion Call Tanaka Seigo IBM Champions: Data & AI

    for Japan Report ワンフットシーバス 田中正吾
  2. Outline • About IBM Champions: Data & AI for Japan.

    • These contents from some of the speakers or me. • Nice experiences through this event.
  3. IBM Champions: Data & AI for Japan It's the part

    of Regional and Topical Events in IBM Data & AI Digital Developer Virtual Conference.
  4. Event Page The meetup applicants are over 60 persons!

  5. Online Event Gathering to WebEx with speakers and attendees.

  6. Organize Member We made this event passionately together. • Facilitator

    ◦ Seigo Tanaka • Special Support! ◦ Kyoko Nishito (IBM) ◦ Taiji Hagino (IBM) ◦ Chikako Inami (IBM Champion) • Speaker! ◦ Seigo Tanaka (IBM Champion) ◦ Miho Ezawa (IBM Champion) ◦ Kazuki Masuda (IBM Champion) ◦ Kohei Nishikawa (IBM Champion)
  7. Speaker Contents I will switch to some actual speakers at

    each contents.
  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. None
  12. Nice experiences !

  13. Comminication Q&A using Slido (Online realtime Q&A tool). The attendees

    had nice questions and enjoyed!
  14. And getting a survey after the event. This answer summary

    is next page.
  15. Question : What do you think IBM Cloud needs to

    be more usable than competitors such as AWS and it is necessary for anyone to be able to use it? Answer • Increase opportunities for study sessions and Services explanations • Increase tutorial contents that is easy to understand • They want to know about the various use cases. • More ready to use applications • More ready to use user-interface that is easy to understand • Present each service from what you want to do There are things that have already been realized and are unknown. so There may be some things that need to be improved. There are a lot of things that we can do. For example , create tutorial contents and get them to know IBM Developer web site.
  16. Collaboration Brilliant collaboration with IBM Champions and IBM members through

    the event!