Stingray: Open-source spectral-timing software

Stingray: Open-source spectral-timing software

Presented at the 16th AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Abstract: New ideas about how to analyze X-ray astronomy data have initiated the “spectral-timing revolution,” leading to a surge in developments of analysis techniques. Many individual tools and libraries exist, and some are even publicly available, but what has been lacking is a coherent set for a complete analysis. Stingray is a new community-developed, open-source software package in Python for spectral-timing analysis of astrophysical data. This software package merges existing efforts for a timing package in Python and provides the basis for developing spectral-timing analysis tools, while following the Astropy guidelines for modern open-source scientific programming. Stingray has a scripting interface, an affiliated graphical user interface, and a well-documented application programming interface (API) for power-users. The ultimate goal is to provide the community with a package that eases the learning curve for state-of-the-art spectral-timing techniques, with a correct statistical framework, to make maximal use of new data from NICER and potentially STROBE-X. Stingray is pip-installable via the Python Package Index, and we warmly welcome community involvement on our GitHub code repository. For more information, see the Stingray website:


Abbie Stevens

August 23, 2017