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ADI Solar Power Plants

ADI Solar Power Plants

ADI Solar Power Plants are designed with Governments, Business and Residential Development Builders in mind featuring the added benefit of potential leasing income from clients who are on your Solar Power Plant distribution system. Also we are working with Solar Panel companies to integrate their panels into our Solar Plants for even more power availability.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Solar Plants

June 28, 2021


  1. Alternative Designs Inc., (ADI) Integrating Sustainable Technology to Solve Tomorrow’s

    Energy Needs Today! Wayne Bliesner Founder and CEO
  2. Cheap continuous renewable power is now possible! With ADI. See

  3. Roadmap The Problem ADI People ADI Technologies ADI Solutions How

    Do We Get There?
  4. No cheap, continuous renewable power. Why? Intermittency Clouds block the

    sun; then it sets. Winds are variable. Intermittency limits renewable power input to 10 % of grid capacity before the grid becomes unstable. The Problems
  5. The Problem Batteries or other storage are needed for off-peak

    production. No commercially available power storage system delivers sufficient power to offset intermittency. Strategic materials such as Lithium are too rare to scale to Terawatt levels. The Problems
  6. ADI People Wayne Bliesner ADI Founder and CEO 20 years

    in Aerodynamics engineering research at Boeing. Headed $100 Million NASA research program. 7 patents for airplane systems. Invented wing configuration worth $50 million for Boeing. 20 years as an independent research scientist, inventor. Stirling engines, Solar energy storage, Solar Fuels High efficiency LED lighting systems.
  7. ADI People Gerald Fargo COO 15 years as an engineer,

    project manager, product manager. Boeing, Ford, Dynacs Consulting. Expertise in fluid dynamic, structural mechanics, automotive acoustics, solar optics, pomputational methods, CAD software development. 15 years as an independent research scientist. Designed and patented the ADI Side-Focusing Heliostat.
  8. ADI Associates Dr. Sergio Calqueiro High-Tech-Concepts Marketing GmbH, presenter, consultant.

    Dr. Robert Bowman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (ret.) Hydride expert, consultant. Dr. Robert Reed, Los Alamos National Laboratory Heat transfer consultant, heat pipe designer. Dr. Allan Organ, Cambridge University (ret.) Stirling engine design consultant.
  9. ADI Technologies Patented, tested Dual Shell Stirling Engine. Delivers 25

    kilowatts. Highest efficiency, minimal power cost. Fueled with natural gas, biomass, or solar. 10th generation Beta engine operational. Beta prime design improvements: Dual shell heat exchangers. Rhombic drive.
  10. 25kW and 100 kW Dual Shell Configurations Engines gang together

    on common driveshaft. 25 kW becomes 100 kW. 100 kW Systems and 10 MW Systems are available. ADI Technologies
  11. ADI Technologies Patented Solar Collection Dish Improved solar collection efficiency.

    Smallest solar power land footprint. Competitive cost of energy. Environmentally sustainable. Continuously available power.
  12. ADI Technologies Patented, tested Calcium Hydride energy storage Stores excess

    power for delivery after sunset. Solves renewables “intermittency problem”. Environmentally sustainable. Competitive power cost. Scalable - no rare materials.
  13. Wayne demonstrates ADI Calcium Hydride test cell. ADI Technologies

  14. ADI Technologies Advanced Op Advanced Optics with two stage focusing.

    48:1 at heliostat creating constant beam diameter. 25:1 at down-mirror into thermochemical processor. Solar Collection Dish and Mirror System. Calcium Hydride Thermochemical Reaction Processor. Storage Vessel and Heat Recovery System.
  15. ADI Solutions 100 kW Solar Array and power plant Six

    14m-diameter dishes focus a 0.4m-diameter light beam to deliver 900 kW of thermal power to CaH2 processor. 80m x 80m (1.5 acre) area
  16. Hydrogen Storage / Heat Recovery CaH2 Reactor 100 kW Stirling

    Engine Focused Sunbeam ADI Solutions 100 kW System Available 2022
  17. ADI Solutions 100 kW Renewable Systems Annual Yield

  18. ADI Solutions 10 MW System Available 2025 Buildable anywhere and

    scalable to deliver Terawatts of power. Utilizes General Electric 10 MW supercritical CO2 Brayton turbine. 360-degree solar field via tilt mirror behind parabolic dish. System requires only 0.65 square km area (158 acres).
  19. ADI Solutions Solar Storage System Advantages Competitive Cost of Energy.

    Environmentally Sustainable. Continuously Available Power. Continuous baseload power. No Rare materials, can scale to deliver Terawatts of power. 75% more energy than PV systems.
  20. ADI Solutions 77% more energy than equivalent size turbine systems.

    May serve as baseload or distributed power source as required. 37% total system efficiency. Significant price reduction once in mass production. Cost competitive with wind and PV systems, even with no subsidy.
  21. ADI Solutions Design and Fabrication Subcontract with existing specialty vendors:

    Precision Castings: robotic engine component castings Janicki Industries: solar dish fabrication Alaskan Copper Works: stainless tanks ADI: integration, testing, assembly expertise, design and development experience in hydride systems.
  22. Funding 100kW, 10 MW Pilot Plants Phase 1A $15M 100

    kW Pilot System (Stirling Engine). $5M Infrastructure. $10M 100 kW Pilot System Fabrication. Phase 1B $100M 10 MW Pilot System (Brayton Turbine).
  23. Phase 1A $5M Infrastructure On 100 kW System $1M Building

    5,000 sq. meter. $1M Press (3,500 MT). $750k Vacuum Oven. $500k E-beam Vacuum Welder. $500k Solar Dish System. $500k DLC Deposition System. $250k CNC Lathes, Mills. $200k Hydride Equipment. $200k Heat Pipe Equipment. $100k Hydride Dry Box. Funding
  24. Funding Phase 1A $10M Pilot System on 100 kW system

    2M Five Additional Solar Dishes. $2M Tank Fabrication. $2M Chemicals (Ca, Mg, etc). $1M Heat Pipe, Boiler Assemblies. $1M System Assembly. $800k 100 kW Engine Fabrication. $400k Shop Labor. $400k Metal Alloys For Parts. $400k Overhead (Engineering, Tooling, Materials).
  25. Funding 100 kW System Commercialization Phase 2 $200M. Two 100

    kW system factories. 1,000 units / year. $300M loan repayment 2027-2030 (based on equipment sales only).
  26. Funding 10 MW System Commercialization Phase 3 $180M. 10 MW

    System Factory. 50 Units / Year. $300M Loan Repayment (P & I) 2026-2030 (Based on Equipment Sales) only)
  27. Alternative Designs Inc., (ADI) Business Development / Territory Sales Get

    your questions answered! Bryan Long in OR (541) 233-8492 On LinkedIn