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Offline-First Progressive Web Apps

Offline-First Progressive Web Apps

Slides from my talk at Software Architecture Conf 2016, on the Offline First architecture of Flipkart Lite.

Aditya Punjani

October 21, 2016

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  1. Mobile is key focus area. • No. of new internet

    users in India in the last year alone was one third of United States population. • 34.8% Internet Penetration. • 81% of First Time Internet Users are only on Mobile. • India to become 2nd largest smart phone market by 2017. Source : Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report & Morgan Stanley Report
  2. • Poor User Experience. • Low Performance. • Lack of

    Engagement tools. Why we shut down our mobile website?
  3. • Browser Navigation Failures • Network Congestion • Low Signal

    • Battery Saver Mode • Thermal CPU Throttling • Limited Carrier Capacity • Server Outage • ISP failure Unpredictable Conditions
  4. Route Defined Route To Render Shell /:slug/p/:itemid → /slug/p/itemId →

    Product /(.*)/pr → /splat/pr → Browse /search → /search → Search /accounts/(.*) → /accounts/splat → Accounts Routes → HTML App Shells
  5. • Build Time heavy lifting. • Lightning fast Response times.

    • Long-term cache. • Reused across URLs. • Perceived Performance. • Fast and smooth Navigations. • Rich Interactivity. • App Like polished experience. Single Page App App Shells
  6. Service Worker • Highly Programmable Low level primitive. • Progressive

    Network Proxy in browser. • Sophisticated Caching policies. • Lives beyond the Browser Scope.
  7. Single Page App - Drawbacks • JS bundle is huge.

    • CSS bundle is huge. • Bad first load Performance.
  8. Benefits of Multiple SPAs • Smaller JS Bundles. • Smaller

    CSS Bundles. • Decoupled Deployments. • Navigations between SPAs allow SW update, Cache clean up, Heap Memory Clearing.
  9. Home Screen users covert 70% more. 3x more Home Screen

    additions. 40% more repeat visits.
  10. SEO with App Shells • Build a cross browser app.

    • Web Crawlers do execute JS. • Keep JS size small. • Embed SEO critical content in the App Shells. • Test using Webmaster tools.
  11. Cross Browser • Build for the Lowest common Browser engine.

    • Optimize for Most common Browser. • Polyfill / Feature detect every API. • Tone down Interactions / Animations for older browsers. • SW as a Progressive Network Proxy. • PostCSS - Autoprefix and polyfills CSS. • Conditionally serve JS Polyfills.
  12. Performance Phase III • JS Bundle Size growing with new

    features. • Bounce Rate increasing.
  13. Route Based Chunking • Prioritized JS Downloads. • Execute only

    critical JS. • Cache-Invalidate only the changed JS bundle.
  14. SPA App Shells Route Chunks 0s 2s 4s 6s 8s

    First Content Paint First Meaningful Paint Performance
  15. Offline - First • Network Resilience: Offline is not an

    exception but the norm. • Serving Strategy: Serve all requests from the cache (offline) before going to the network.
  16. SPA App Shells Route Chunks Offline-First 0s 2s 4s 6s

    8s First Paint Meaningful Paint Performance
  17. “There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache

    invalidation and naming things.” -- Phil Karlton.
  18. Kill Switch • Global Cache Version • No-Cache, max-age=0 HTTP

    headers on SW.js • SW self.skipWaiting() • SW self.clients.claim()