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Cloud Formation

Adron Hall
October 20, 2012

Cloud Formation

Adron Hall

October 20, 2012

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  1. What Have They Built? •  Geographically dispersed data centers. • 

    Node / Grid Based Compute •  Highly Virtualized •  Compute and Storage Functionality •  Auto Scaling •  Infrastructure, Platform, and Software Services o  (i.e. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) Are we closer to what defines the clouds?
  2. Why Do We Developers Care? •  Ease of use • 

    Geographically dispersed •  Instant power •  Endless storage •  Low capital costs •  The ultimate sandbox •  Multitudes of supported dev stacks ...there's more.
  3. But There Often Are Problems... ...and Ruby is all Gem

    Install #awesome... git push fast master AND WHAM, running... ...and I wanted #awesome push for .NET!
  4. ...and cloudiness... I wanted code coverage with tests... ...appropriate abstractions

    and interface design in the SDK... Good practice and no sealed classes... Easy integration into a CI or CD environment... ...and I didn't want my instance to take 15-30 minutes to start... ...if it even did start. Help? :(
  5. Clouds @ AppHarbor via AWS... Finally... I get "git push

    appharbor master"... I get testability with coverage and clean code and... I get instances that start in seconds... I get SPEED and QUALITY... I get SOLID Architecture... I get freedom from lock in...
  6. In All Seriousness... AppHarbor is great... •  Git + AppHarbor

    + Nuget = .NET Rubyized for Railing. •  Node.js + jQuery + Javascript = Disruption in Dev Stacks. •  Windows Azure Has Many Growing Pains. •  AWS, Rackspace, and Others + RoR + PHP = Internet Startup World at this time. •  Scalability != .NET or Ruby on Rails or JSP or X Framework •  Scalability == Good Architecture + Infrastructure •  The Cloud Providers have great products, but it isn't for everything... "yet" ;)
  7. .NET Platform Options Amazon Web Services = full instances (i.e.

    you get complete control over your "machine" in the cloud + networking, routing, etc). Windows Azure = partial control + easy to use SDK & platform that WILL lock you in to their environment + current growing pains. AppHarbor = Bleeding edge .NET + agile + code coverage + SOLID practices + good pattern usage + fast environment w/ CI or CD.