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November 03, 2017


Serverless Conf Tokyo 2017 での LT 資料です。


November 03, 2017

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  1. Cloud hell Lambda Cloud Functions SAM Local Azure Functions Cloud

    Functions Local Emulator Azure Functions Core Tools DynamoDB Local LocalStack template.yaml local.settings.json Step Functions
  2. $ now > Enter your email: [email protected] >We sent an

    email to [email protected]. Please follow the steps provided > Ready! https://try-now-wenliudgwx.now.sh [3s] > You (aggre) are on the OSS plan. Your code and logs will be made public. > Are you sure you want to proceed with the deployment? [y|N]: y > Deployment complete!
  3. AWS $ now aws login > AWS credentials found in

    "~/.aws/credentials". > Would you like to use them? [Y|n]: y > Ready! Credentials will be read from your AWS config when needed
  4. Deploy $ now aws > ✔ Build generated a 12.07KB

    zip [1s] > ✔ API resources created (id: "now-try-now- 0ZfLN4pSAI") [10s] > Success! https://p5o38dwqt3.execute-api.us- west-1.amazonaws.com/now [12s]