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How to achieve efficiency and happiness combining methodologies by Andris Bariss

How to achieve efficiency and happiness combining methodologies by Andris Bariss

Management By Objectives, Getting Things Done, Agile Results, Strengths Based Development, Positive Psychology etc. A lot of methodologies and each of them provides ideas and concepts, fewer - concrete steps and criteria to measure achievements.

Let's talk about how to better understand and achieve our goals, how to focus and enjoy our daily work and how make it all together to help our development as professionals and our feeling of happiness by using not one, but combining of those methodologies. What exact steps to make and what tools come handy (some demonstration and comparison also).

Real cases will be shown to demonstrate exactly why and how each part can work for everyone of us.

Session and topic is for you, if you:
- sometimes feel panic because of overload or just feel overloaded
- miss feeling of development as professional
- miss the feeling of happiness, even if looks like everything is going fine

As result of this session will be no miracle cure, but maybe some ideas to help you to get in more control of your life and happiness.

Agile Latvia

April 26, 2014

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  1. Andris Bariss UX and Usability expert Analyst at Idea Port

    Riga IIBA Latvia board member http://lv.linkedin.com/in/andrisbariss
  2. What and why I want • achieve more because I

    want it • feel good/better because it’s in the nature of people Solution: focus on: • get more done • my emotional well-being
  3. How to get more done? Work more vs Be more

    efficient today’s topic
  4. Popular methodologies To achieve: • Agile • GTD • Agile

    results • Asian efficiency • Lean • Kanban • Appreciate inquire To enjoy: • Positive psychology • Strength based development • Appreciate inquire
  5. Covered and not by methodologies For efficiency: just to have

    results For emotional well-being: just how to feel fine Uncovered questions: How to enjoy what I’m doing anyway? What are emotionally great in my activities?
  6. • Effective, but not at any cost • Methodology has

    to be adopted • Effectiveness ≠ Emotional well-being Emotional well-being is everything Few facts and conclusions
  7. Steps of getting more - goals Make following lists: •

    What I’m good at? • What I want? • Measurements of what I want
  8. …criteria of joy List: • My moments of joy (what

    I was doing) • Test them - will it be joyful again • Add new moments of joy Notice: having partner - helps
  9. ...concurrency and risks Analyse my two lists of “To achieve”

    and “To enjoy”. 1. Mark what makes you feel good in during process of trying to achieve 2. Reconsider goals don’t making me feel good 3. Add goals for having joy
  10. ...set priorities • Set levels of goals (lifetime, 5 years,

    2 years etc) • Set priorities for goals • Plan activities - set tasks * Remember to make balance of time between effort and joy.
  11. ...catch opportunity for joy 1. Act 2. Make pause for

    feeling of joy 3. Remind myself last achievements 4. Make retrospectives 5. Adjust plans
  12. Tools To start with Paper and pen Task planning Omnifocus

    Any.Do Asana Notes Evernote Microsoft OneNote Book “How of happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky