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CMNS 354 - Week 3, Lash-Ups and groups

Ec2696b240887e40b010e6423d742248?s=47 Alberto Lusoli
January 21, 2016

CMNS 354 - Week 3, Lash-Ups and groups


Alberto Lusoli

January 21, 2016


  1. None
  2. Where stuff comes from

  3. Progress

  4. Contingency

  5. Externalist Vs Internalist

  6. design

  7. design proliferation

  8. design proliferation New interaction patterns

  9. design proliferation New interaction patterns New attributions of functionality

  10. design proliferation New interaction patterns New attributions of functionality design

  11. Lash-ups Objects are social relations made durable

  12. Connection (USB? Standards!) Keys (1, 2? Operating system, left-right click)

  13. Groups! D101 Moodley, Vanessa D101-3 Mah,Therese Marie (Therese) D101-3 Cheng,Abraham

    Kin Jing (Abraham) D101-3 Lee,Kuan Hong (Harold) D101-3 Ocampo,Dianne Mae Sta Catalina (Dianne) D101-2 Ng,Michelle Suet Ying (Michelle) D101-2 Ly,Victor D101-2 Grills,Brendan Howard (Brendan) D101-2 Mobayen,Tina D101-1 Konstantinov, Mark Alexander (Mark) D101-1 Yeh,Fang-Wen (Vivian) D101-1
  14. TOPIC: Privacy and Security

  15. Groups! D102 Wong,Elsa Yee Kiu (Elsa) D102-1 Spowage,Sonya D102-1 DE

    MANUEL-RIMBAU I MASNOU,Berta D102-1 Lutfi,Said D102-1 Winter,Scott Ronald Paul (Scott) D102-2 Pastorino,Lorena Maria (Lorena) D102-2 Lui,Chantelle Yon (Chantelle) D102-2 Lui,Bruce Chin-Loong (Bruce) D102-2 Rambaud,Etienne Gaston Mayeul (Etienne) D102-3 LaBar,Paige Laurine (Paige) D102-3 Poon,Vivien D102-3 Anderson,Jenna Rose (Jenna) D102-3 Tarrayo,Alexa Kristina (Alexa) D102-4 Crawford,Justine Marie (Justine) D102-4 Fu,Andrea Yun (Andrea) D102-4 Fan,Jessica Chung-Sze (Jessica) D102-4
  16. TOPIC: Digital Self

  17. Groups! D103 Stanford,Ryan Stephen (Ryan) D103-1 Galvani,Luke Marco (Luke) D103-1

    Yeung,Dorcas Shin-Heng (Dorcas) D103-1 Johnston,Cloe Danielle (Cloe) D103-1 Fung,Sharon Ming Hee (Sharon) D103-2 Perez de Leon Carmona,Jose Luis (Jose Luis) D103-2 Kielesinski,Devon Leanne (Devon) D103-2 Martinez Berra,Mauricio D103-2 Baradaran Hashemi,Seyedeh Yasmina (Yasmina) D103-2 Paquette,Paige Rachele (Paige) D103-3 Kim,MinSun (Jenny) D103-3 Azhigaliyeva,Ainur D103-3 Chao An Tong,Sean William Andrew Kiah Foo (Sean) D103-3 Jiwan,Adam Ryan (Adam) D103-4 Harvey,Brodie Trevor (Brodie) D103-4 Hider,John Robert Yokio (Bobby) D103-4 Talbott,Marena Kate (Marena) D103-4
  18. TOPIC: Digital Self

  19. The Brief What is the issue? Who is writing the

    brief? (ie. Whom are you, the team, representing as writers of the brief?) Who is the design intervention for? What key situational resources and constraints are available to the designer?
  20. QUESTIONS? Office Hour: Thu. 15.30-16.20 Room 2540 Let’s connect: - - Linkedin: Share your thoughts using #cmns354 Photo Credits: All pictures used in this presentation are protected by Creative Common License. THANK YOU!