Dive into Async apps with Kotlin Coroutines

F41e61439763a44b50250cc72e3e2d29?s=47 Adit Lal
November 02, 2019

Dive into Async apps with Kotlin Coroutines

This talk highlights the challenges underpinning some of the paradigms of asynchronous programming, in particular, the callback-based approach. The talk will address how Kotlin aims to solve this problem with coroutines by providing an asynchronous interface to the developer.

- Coroutines Generator API - Sequences or iterables in an asynchronous manner
- Coroutine Scopes and how to manage them
- How to use Coroutines to do network calls from the app.
- Actors, easing concurrency for Android Developers
- Sneak peek at channels, broadcast channel, flow
- Using Coroutines and Rx2 together


Adit Lal

November 02, 2019