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SSI Introduction

SSI Introduction

Alexandre Gomes

March 11, 2024

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  1. .

  2. To be the true owner of your information and of

    your computer's hardware resources, as well as to share these things in any way you want and only with whomever you want “ https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Sovereign_Computing
  3. To participate in the Internet free of the middleman, as

    an autonomous, independent and sovereign individual “ https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Sovereign_Computing
  4. P2P

  5. FTP

  6. FTP

  7. IAM

  8. SSI

  9. ?

  10. DID Methods 3 abt aergo ala amo antelope art asset

    bba bee bid bit bluetoqueagent bluetoquedeed bluetoquenfe bluetoqueproc bnb bryk btcr candid ccd ccf ccp celo cheqd com content corda cosmos cot cr dht did dns dock dom dotbit dsrv dual dxd dyne echo elastos elem emtrust ens eosio erc725 etho ethr ev evan everscale example factom fairx future gatc gns grg grn health hedera hid holo hpass hpo hsk iamx ibmdc icon id iid indy infra io ion iota ipid is iscc iwt jlinc jnctn jolo jwk kaname kdid keri key kilt klay knox kr kscirc lac ldid life lisk lit meme mesh meta moac monid morpheus myDiD mydata near next nft nuggets nuts object ockam omn onion ont op orb oyd panacea peaq peer pid pistis pkh plc pml polygon polygonid prism psi psqr ptn qes qui ray real resume rm safe san schema scid self selfkey sideos signor sirius snail snplab sol sov ssb ssw stack tangle tdid ti tls trust trustbloc trx ttm twit tyron tys tz unik unisot uns uport v1 vaa vaultie vertu vid vivid vtid vvo web web7 webs wlk work yourd zk zkme https://w3c.github.io/did-spec-registries/#did-methods
  11. ?

  12. }

  13. { "type" : [ "VerifiableCredential", "VerifiableAttestation", "VerifiableDiploma" ], "@context" :

    [ "https://www.w3.org/2018/credentials/v1", "https://w3id.org/security/suites/jws-2020/v1" ], "id" : "urn:uuid:50d809eb-6be7-4873-a8cd-d443e7e8180a", "issuer" : "did:key:z6Mkfva8rGyvRZ3PnSYbDQJnKAEu4UufSPD9F9GSYLiz2KGg", "issuanceDate" : "2023-09-14T20:29:08Z", "issued" : "2023-09-14T20:29:08Z", "validFrom" : "2023-09-14T20:29:08Z", "expirationDate" : "2022-08-31T00:00:00Z", "credentialSchema" : { "id" : "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/walt-id/waltid-ssikit-vclib/master/src/test/resources/schemas/VerifiableDiploma.json", "type" : "JsonSchemaValidator2018" }, "credentialSubject" : { "id" : "did:key:z6MkvTomDf2XR5Q1XzFvDk91STKdYTpeZRx5apT5pdCCsmz6", "awardingOpportunity" : { "awardingBody" : { "eidasLegalIdentifier" : "Unknown", "homepage" : "https://leaston.bcdiploma.com/", "id" : "did:ebsi:2A9BZ9SUe6BatacSpvs1V5CdjHvLpQ7bEsi2Jb6LdHKnQxaN", "preferredName" : "Leaston University", "registration" : "0597065J" }, "endedAtTime" : "2020-06-26T00:00:00Z", "id" : "https://leaston.bcdiploma.com/law-economics-management#AwardingOpportunity", "identifier" : "https://certificate-demo.bcdiploma.com/check/87ED2F2270E6C41456E94B86B9D9115B4E35BCCAD200A49B846592C14F79C86BV1 "location" : "FRANCE", "startedAtTime" : "2019-09-02T00:00:00Z" }, "dateOfBirth" : "1993-04-08", "familyName" : "DOE", "givenNames" : "Jane", "gradingScheme" : { "id" : "https://leaston.bcdiploma.com/law-economics-management#GradingScheme", "title" : "Lower Second-Class Honours" }, "identifier" : "0904008084H", "learningAchievement" : { "additionalNote" : [ "DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT" ],
  14. Q&A