Quality Excites conference: (PL) Kognitywne podejście do testowania aplikacji mobilnych

Quality Excites conference: (PL) Kognitywne podejście do testowania aplikacji mobilnych

In the times of exponentially developing technologies, it’s easy to forget that both software engineers and users are human beings with all their potential but also cognitive limitations. In each of software development projects, this crucial question should be asked – how to make people want to use the software, and in a designed way?

Ola intends to introduce the cognitive approach to mobile application testing. To do so, she will present in an easy-going way the few cognitive science theories and phenomena to make you aware how the brain constructs the reality and what perceptual errors can appear as a consequence.

Why, according to Ola, is that important? Best quality practices include not only taking care of correctness and adequacy of business and technological requirements, but also the usability of the final effect. The software success depends merely on the fact that the user can capably work with the product.

Source: https://qualityexcites.pl/en/agenda-2


Aleksandra Kornecka

June 23, 2018