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Neosperience Health Cloud for Dimasdia

Neosperience Health Cloud for Dimasdia



May 24, 2022

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  1. FORUM PA Neosperience 
 Health Cloud

  2. Company Pro fi le


    companies take advantage 
 of today changes by turning digital technologies 
 into business bene fi ts. We combine the greatest exper ti se in Ar tifi cial Intelligence and cloud technologies with crea ti vi ty 
 and experience in driving the evolu ti on of business models. We help organiza ti ons star ti ng from the de fi ni ti on 
 of a strategy that an ti cipates trends, up to the design and implementa ti on of the company's digital products 
 and services. We use proven agile methodologies to quickly move from design to implementa ti on of advanced digital solu ti ons across all industrial sectors. TO THE POWER OF EMPATHY

    COMMUNICATIONS FINANCIAL SERVICES, TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION, GOVERNMENT AUTOMOTIVE, HEALTHCARE & INDUSTRY TO THE POWER OF EMPATHY 700+ Best-In-Class Customers Neosperience in 2014 has been selected as the most innovative Italian company, receiving the most prestigious prize awarded annually by the President of the Italian Republic. The Neosperience platform has proven its excellence over the years getting the most important awards in the world of technology, including: •  2015 Aviva Digital On •  2014 GrandPrix •  Gartner Cool Vendor 2013 •  Red Herring Top 100 Global 2013 •  IAB Mixx Award 2013 •  Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2012 Neosperience in 2014 has been selected as the most innovative Ital company, receiving the most prestigious prize awarded annually the President of the Italian Republic The Neosperience platform has pro its excellence over the years getting the most important awards in the world of technology, including: •  2015 Aviva Digital On •  2014 GrandPrix •  Gartner Cool Vendor 2013 •  Red Herring Top 100 Global 20 •  IAB Mixx Award 2013 •  Red Herring Top 100 Europe 20 Neosperience was selected by Gartner 
 as Cool Vendor and as one of the six most innova ti ve platforms in the world 
 in Customer Analy ti cs, with over 20 men ti ons in its reports. Listed since February 2019 on the Euronext Growth list, Neosperience was selected in 2022 as a growth leader by the Financial Times and the Sole 24 Ore.
  5. TO THE POWER OF EMPATHY 5 Pioneering Creates the first

    mobile loyalty platform for Oracle. Partner of Amazon Web Services. Positioning Creates Disney’s digital publishing ecosystem and first mobile banking platform for UBI Bank. Consolidation Adds AI and Machine Learning personalization capabilities. 
 Sets-up vertical Startups in Fintech, Sportech and Legaltech. 2004-2006 2007-2008 2009-2011 2012-2013 2014-2018 2019-2022 Origins Set-up and launch of the world’s first Apps. Start Up Partners with Apple in Europe and South America. IPO Lists on Euronext Growth Milan, serves 
 700+ clients and starts international expansion. Timeline

  7. 1 Neosperience Health Neosperience Health is an all-in platform to

    manage digital health processes, from patient journeys, to telemedicine, to AI-assisted diagnostics. Neosperience Health is based on Neosperience technology and leverages almost a decade of expertise with top-level customers in patient care, and diagnostics. In 2022 Revoo joined Neosperience Health to add the wellness pillar to create a complete solution to manage long term prevention and treatment.
  8. 1 Cloud Native Approach Our implementa ti on approach is

 on execu ti on, monitoring, change automa ti on, reac ti on to events and standard se tt ing. It focuses on data con fi den ti ali ty and integri t , personnel iden tifi ca ti on and management, system protec ti on, and event disclosure. Enables the crea ti on of resilient workloads 
 that can quickly recover from an error. Distributed systems, recovery planning and change management models are the focal points. It concerns the e ff ec ti ve use of technology, performance monitoring and informed decision-making. Focuses on how to avoid unnecessary costs by understanding and controlling cost centers and analyzing expenses incurred over ti me. EXCELLENCE SECURITY RELIABILITY EFFICIENCY OPTIMIZATION APPROACH AND BENEFITS 8 SERVERLESS ARCHITECTURES, MICROSERVICES AND CONTAINERS

    OVER GARTNER MENTIONS Source: Gartner, 2021 Gartner Men ti ons 
 Gartner recognizes Neosperience Group for its methodological and technological excellence by indica ti ng its Solu ti on and other proprietary applica ti ons in its reports.
  10. A digital companion to

  11. 1 Neosperience Health Cloud Screening, prognosis and chronic conditions data

    management and sharing NHC is the first cloud platform that is open to provide an integrated, AI- assisted, collaborative screening, that takes advantage of deep learning- powered services, such as the analysis and determination of health- related issues thanks to specific models trained on classification and correlation of X-ray and ultrasound imaging. The platform incorporates 5 years of Neosperience’s effort and >10M€ investments aiming at reinventing telemedicine and simplifying the activity of health professionals, giving quick, effective, and precise tools to carry out general and specialized diagnosis by facilitating the triage process towards a competent healthcare facility or home therapy
  12. 1 Patient data management NH acquires data from a number

    of medical devices, to build a patient profile that is matched to clinical data. FHIR 7 standard adoption through FHIRWorks on AWS and (in the near future) Amazon HealthLake allows integration with existing patient systems of records. Privacy is enforced by design, with microservices and region-locked persistence and services. Data is stored according to the minimum required data and least privilege access models.
  13. Dimasdia

  14. 1 Detect pneumotoracic pathologies from RX imaging. Support screening processes

    within hospitals. Built-in explainability features to outline detector triggers AI diagnostics: RX analysis
  15. 1 Sample images

  16. 1 Dataset — Training 648 x-rays 548 covid 100 healthy

    605 x-rays 545 covid 40 healthy 241 x-rays 181 covid 60 healthy remove 43 RL view Keep the dataset balanced
  17. 1 Model Performance — Training

  18. 1 Dataset - Validation 380 x-rays 25 covid 150 healthy

    205 pneumonia remove 78 RL view remove 2 corrupted f iles 300 x-rays 25 covid 95 healthy 180 pneumonia
  19. 1 Model Performance — Validation

  20. 1 Tailor detector model to identify relevant areas in ultrasound

    images Automatic masking of images, time variant sequences. Trained model obtains an F1 score of 0.98 AI diagnostics: Miocarditis detector
  21. 1 Miocarditis detector — sample image

  22. 1 Miocarditis detector — sample images

  23. 1 Dimasdia platform

  24. 1 Dimasdia platform

  25. None
  26. 1 Outcomes — model results • Model accuracy is ~98%

    • Introduced model explainability to highlight feature detection in images • Model is biased to avoid false negatives, which are more relevant than false positive for clinical impact • RX and Myocarditis models are stacked to build a better predictor
  27. 1 Outcomes — clinical impact • First level screening can

    be automated efficiently. Screening process involves at least two independent patient evaluation. One is demanded to ML, with an increased efficiency of 50% • ML models detected features often too small to be recognized by clinicians without specific training • Trained doctors benefits from a second opinion • Models can be further re-trained to improve accuracy detection and sensibility
  28. Architecture

  29. NHC Neosperience Health Cloud is an API first solution built

    on AWS using a microservices and serverless approach. AI-assisted diagnostics is provided through Amazon SageMaker, offering specialized models to enrich patient data. Patient data is stored on the Data Plane using FHIR standard. Data is crawled and consolidated into the single view of patient.
  30. Dimasdia is powered by AWS • Amazon SageMaker Studio has

    been used to explore dataset, visualize, analyze and clean data. • Amazon SageMaker Platform has been used to train different model variants and weights have been optimized using hyperparameter optimization • Amazon SageMaker Pipelines have been used to automatically train, validate and store model version into the registry. Then SageMaker endpoints are built and deployed to provide inference