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openSUSE infrastructure updates for Brazil and South America

openSUSE infrastructure updates for Brazil and South America

Learn about recent changes that we have done to improve the user experience for openSUSE especially in Brazil, but also for South America.

There are many challenges when addressing issues in a country as big as Brazil or an entire continent, and we need your help to improve it further.

Alexandre Vicenzi

May 27, 2023

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  1. About me ⚫ You can call me Alex ⚫ Software

    Engineer @ SUSE ⚫ Package maintainer ⚫ Forum moderator ⚫ Mirror admin
  2. The problem ⚫ Frequent timeouts ⚫ Slow download speeds ⚫

    High latency to EU/US ⚫ Tumbleweed not widely available
  3. Solution #1 ⚫ More mirrors ⚫ More data is available

    in SA ⚫ Download packages from local mirrors
  4. Solution #2 ⚫ Local instance for MirrorCache ⚫ Caches metadata

    information ⚫ Low latency queries for Zypper
  5. Solutions in numbers ⚫ 5 new mirrors in Brazil /

    9 in total ⚫ 1 new mirror in Chile / 2 in total ⚫ 1 new mirror in Argentina / 2 in total ⚫ 3 instances of MirrorCache in Brazil ⚫ 1 instance of DownloadContent in Brazil
  6. Not everything was fixed ⚫ No mirrors in the north

    and northeast ⚫ No mirrors in some countries ⚫ Mirror sync time for TW ⚫ MirrorCache instances are not balanced