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5G, 15' to understand (almost) everything.pdf

Alexis DUQUE
November 06, 2019

5G, 15' to understand (almost) everything.pdf

5G is coming fast and the media and the industry are starting to talk about it. This was particularly true at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February. While the standardization process is not yet fully finalized, some of you may be asking yourself many questions:

- Who defines the standard? when? what will it change?
- What are the technologies behind the word 5G?

During this presentation, I will try to answer these questions. I will popularize and make easy to understand what are 3GPP, mmWave, NFV, 5G-New Radio, Massive IoT, LPWAN, or beamforming.

Alexis DUQUE

November 06, 2019

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  1. DISCLAIMERS 4 Mobile generations do not reflect technological evolution, marketing

    terms Mobile communications generations result from many evolutions and thus are not perfectly distinct Commercial, economical, and financial issues greatly influence the mobile technologies development
  2. WHO? 5 3GPP: groups of telecommunications standards associations, in Europe,

    Japan, USA ⇒ defines the standard NGMN: leading network operators organization, Verizon, O2, Telefonica, Orange, etc. 5GPPP: European initiative with industrial and institutional partners, Nokia, Ericsson, ...
  3. STANDARDIZATION ROADMAP 13 2012 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

    2020 2000 2003 1985 … … … Year Deployment Of IMT-2020 DevelopmeDe velopmenntt OfOf Dev. of IMT-2020 Vision of IMT-2020 Vision of IMT-Adv Deployment of IMT-Adv Dev. of IMT-2000 Deployment Of IMT-2000 3G R16 R15 R14 5G 4G Dev. of IMT-Advanced Deployment of IMT-2020 9 years 15 years 5 years R13
  4. 15 HOW? ▸ New Radio Spectrum ▸ New Radio Multiplexing

    Technologies ▸ New Efficient Spectrum Usage Techniques ▸ New Energy Saving Mechanisms ▸ Application Specific Improvements

    Massive MIMO ▸ Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) ▸ FDD-TDD Carrier Integration ▸ Simultaneous Transmission and Reception ▸ Dynamic TDD ▸ License Assisted Access (LAA) ▸ Multimode Base Stations ▸ Intelligent Multi-Mode RAT Selection ▸ Higher order modulations in small cells
  6. 20 BEAMFORMING & BEAMSTEERING Ref: G. Xu, et al, “Full-Dimension

    MIMO: Status and Challenges in Design and Implementation,” May 2014, http://www.ieee-ctw.org/2014/slides/session3/CTW_2014_Samsung_FD-MIMO.pdf
  7. 25 MOBILE EDGE COMPUTING Computation needs to come to edge

    : router, mobile, IoT IoT Gateway, app specific computing
  8. EU ROADMAP 28 2019 • Release of 3,5 GHz &

    26 GHz frequency bands • Frequency attribution strategy definition • Frequency attribution auction open • 5G pilot projects and cities
  9. 29

  10. EU ROADMAP 30 2020 ▸ Frequency attribution: decisions ▸ First

    5G services in ~ 1 city / EU country 2025 - 2030 ▸ 5G available in metropolitan areas and along major transport axes