Anxiety in Technology

779556c070fdab99dc2e1c842dcf28b2?s=47 Alex Styl
December 16, 2014

Anxiety in Technology

Technology is changing. As it is becoming more and more advanced, it is also becoming more accessible by all different kinds of individuals. Having in mind that not so long ago, technology was a luxury of only a few, the audience of technology has been increased dramatically the few last decades.

Even though it is technology that allowed mankind to move forward, by enabling us to complete unreachable tasks and improve our everyday life, this change is not welcome by a large number of individuals. There are many of those who feel anxious in the idea of technology, let alone using it.

This presentation analyses the results of the research that has been done in the field of Technological Anxiety through the last decades. Insights are going to be given to what causes anxiety in technology and what are the most commonly research variables to this field. Furthermore, ways of preventing it in a very early stage are going to be discussed.


Alex Styl

December 16, 2014