The Journey Towards A Platform Agnostic Codebase

779556c070fdab99dc2e1c842dcf28b2?s=47 Alex Styl
October 11, 2017

The Journey Towards A Platform Agnostic Codebase

Sharing the same codebase across different platforms is the number one dream to many developers. With Kotlin being the new official language for Android and it being already used on other platforms such as the web (and eventually iOS), it is the perfect time to talk about sharing code across platforms.

In this talk Alex will go through the steps he is following to achieve the cross-platform dream in his side project, Memento Calendar, from start to end of a feature. We are going to see how to structure your project so that your business logic is separated from platform specific code, how to write platform agnostic features and how to test them.


Alex Styl

October 11, 2017