Improving Learnability and Discoverability of Cross-device Interactions

779556c070fdab99dc2e1c842dcf28b2?s=47 Alex Styl
October 29, 2015

Improving Learnability and Discoverability of Cross-device Interactions

People nowadays tend to own more than one personal devices. All these devices though seem to be created with single-user purposes in mind. The simplest of the tasks such as sharing content across devices seems to complicated. The most common ways of doing so is through the use of Internet, which is not always available, or Bluetooth, that adds additional steps into the interaction.

For my summer project, I developed a mediating device in the form of a belt that is able to sense nearby devices in the space. The user is able to pair their devices to the belt and ,through natural gestures, they are able to transfer content from their device to their interactive target.
I worked on both software and hardware of the device in order to create an early version of a prototype. A small study was conducted in order to evaluate the overall system. The study was structured as a semi-structured interview and gave some valuable insights on the system and the form factor of the belt as wearable technology.

This presentation was given as a part of the final project for the MSc in Human-Computer Interaction degree in the University of Birmingham.


Alex Styl

October 29, 2015