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Improving Play Store ratings without any design or code

Alex Styl
December 16, 2016

Improving Play Store ratings without any design or code

As developers, we tend to focus on the quality of our code, working with the cleanest of architectures and best coding practices. As designers, we follow the Material Guidelines to ensure we are consistent with the platform, manipulating motion in our designs to get the message across. Does that really give any value to our users though? Are we really working towards making the life of our users easier?

In this talk, Alex will discuss how to improve the overall app rating without writing a single line of code or do any design. Instead we will see how to have a better understanding of our user-base by analyzing user reviews, doing user interviews and other methods and how to rise up the true issues the users are trying to solve by using your app.

Alex Styl

December 16, 2016

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  1. Improving Play Store Ratings without any code or design Alex

    Styl @alexstyl
  2. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Greenfield project

  3. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Angry Face >:( Ti einai auti i #$%@!

 app sto play. Tha vrw pou
 menete!!1! Notquitehappy Sara Του λείπουν τα βασικά Undecided Peter ΤΟ ΚΑΛΥΤΕΡΟ ΕΒΕΡ !! Notquitehappy Tim Δεν μου δουλεύει
  4. Most of us are tech-savvy
 Most of our users are

    not #androiddevsgr @alexstyl
  5. Android provides little to no help in
 letting the user

    rate your app #androiddevsgr @alexstyl GOOD READ
 Asking for app feedback — the effective way by Denis Akan http://surl.novoda.com/asking-for-feedback
  6. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Google Play Developer Console

  7. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl User feedback is precious

  8. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Reply to as many reviews as possible

    prevent possible future fires
  9. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Many people will directly update their bad review

    into better one
 only because you replied to them
  10. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl People want to have their voices heard

  11. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Use Play Store Reviews as a starting point

    Find a better medium
  12. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Ideally, build a community for your users TALK

    5 Best Practices of Top-Earning Mobile Apps and Games by Mario Viviani http://bit.ly/5BestPracticesAmazon
  13. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Angry customers Angry Face >:( Ti einai auti

    i #$%@! Xeirotero app sto play. Tha vrw pou menete!!1!
  14. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Even if you do everything right, angry customers

    will happen but that’s not a bad thing!
  15. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl They bothered reviewing your app
 A lot of

    people don’t GOOD READ
 Angry Customers: Learn to Deal with them 
 and Turn them Into Your Most Loyal Customers by Rikke Friis Dam http://surl.novoda.com/angry-customers
  16. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Frustrated for the right reasons

  17. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl What if there is an safer way?

  18. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Every day needs

  19. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Every day needs

  20. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Every day needs

  21. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl A flaw or a hiccup prevents users from

    achieving their goals
  22. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Identifying User needs

  23. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl At the office, in some coffee shop

    any other appropriate place User Interviews
  24. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Asking questions from a safe distance Targeted Surveys

  25. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Ensuring things work Prototype, Prototype, Prototype!

  26. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Low Fidelity
 High Fidelity

 The 5 steps of better product design: 
 step 3: Prototype & test
 by Leonie Brewin http://surl.novoda.com/prototyping
  27. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl See what people think of your prototype

    document ALL the findings
  28. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Checks how usable your app is
 Can be

    done by everyone in the team
 Does not require any special equipment Usability Evaluations GOOD READ
 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
 by Jakob Nielsen http://surl.novoda.com/usability-heuristics
  29. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl To sum up everyone has different needs and

    skill levels
 key is to know what your audience needs
 make your users’ voice be heard
 understand the needs before doing
  30. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Thank you
 Any questions? Alex Styl @alexstyl

  31. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl http://androiddevs-gr.github.io/ Greek Android Development Slack Group + =

  32. #androiddevsgr @alexstyl Image Credits gree´n`yellow by eLKayPics / Lutz Koch

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