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Android, Communities and You

Android, Communities and You

Each person has a unique set of skills, stories, experiences and knowledge. We only have a set amount of time to learn and do the things we love. Even though learning individually is an option, why not learn together to speed up the process?
In this talk Alex will go through his personal journey through Android, how this journey affected his learnings, and suggest ways on how you can improve your way of learnings through solo and community activities.

Alex Styl

June 13, 2018

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  1. @alexstyl Each person’s knowledge depends on various things Working on

    different domains Technology keeps changing, platforms evolve Personal Interests … and so on
  2. @alexstyl List of things you could be doing
 right now,

    but instead you are here • Eat ice–cream • Go to a theme park • Go fishing • Go travelling • Go swimming • Sleep • Kiss a guy • Kiss a girl • Play football • Pet a dog • Go bungee jumping • Play video games • Read a book • Origami • Watch a movie • Go to a museum • Go on an adventure • Iced coffee!
  3. @alexstyl Find people interested in the same topics 

 Check out their work and talk to them
  4. @alexstyl Express yourself • Code • Vlogs • Blog post

    • Public Speaking however feels more natural to you