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No More "It Depends" - Learn to Set your #SEOCharts Resources #LondonSEOMeetupXL

No More "It Depends" - Learn to Set your #SEOCharts Resources #LondonSEOMeetupXL

Answering with "it depends" to the SEO questions we get doesn't help to gain trust and make things happen! The solution? Learn to create your #VisualSEO assets to explain processes, workflows and help to set systems!

Aleyda Solis

May 04, 2022

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  1. No More "It Depends” 
 Learn to Set SEO Workflows

    & Frameworks to Win your SEO day-to-day Aleyda 
 Solis SEO Consultant & 
 Founder at Orainti Speaker headshot
  2. @aleyda What’s the No. 1 Answer 
 for SEO questions?

  3. @aleyda Yes! We love answering with an 
 “it depends”

    to SEO questions…
  4. @aleyda https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073 “It Depends”

  5. @aleyda “It Depends” https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073

  6. @aleyda “It Depends” https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073

  7. @aleyda “It Depends” https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073

  8. @aleyda “It Depends” https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073

  9. @aleyda “It Depends” https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073

  10. @aleyda “It Depends” https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1519298290591875073

  11. @aleyda https://twitter.com/JohnMu/status/1520010931987791872 Even John has an “It Depends” Shirt

  12. @aleyda

  13. @aleyda Realistically, everything could be answered with an “it depends”

    but it wouldn’t help
  14. @aleyda “Will I recover before my birthday, doctor?” It Depends!

  15. @aleyda …If you take the medicine and your body reacts

    as expected, you should in 30 days. “Will I recover before my birthday, doctor?”
  16. @aleyda “Will I have a six pack before the summer?”

    It Depends!
  17. @aleyda “Will I have a six pack before the summer?”

    If you work out as I say so twice per day and eat only vegetables everyday… hopefully by June.
  18. @aleyda “Will this ever fall?” It Depends!

  19. @aleyda “Will this ever fall?” If we follow construction best

    practices with the required safety & quality standards… likely not in the next thousand years.
  20. @aleyda It doesn’t establish trust & get buy-in from decision

    makers Doesn’t help you to establish needed resources for success and address the viability & alternatives It makes difficult to get effective execution support from Stakeholders Likewise answering with just a vague “it depends” can be detrimental to SEO Comms & Success
  21. @aleyda Ideally, we should provide a specific answer targeted to

    each particular case backed by data…
  22. @aleyda By Running Various Organic Search Rankings/Traffic/ Revenue Projections Scenarios

  23. @aleyda Showing Examples of competitors with similar scenarios using public

    accessible data vs Semrush, ahrefs, sistrix, etc.
  24. @aleyda Using historical data of previously executed actions on similar

  25. @aleyda Running SEO A/B Tests to assess real impact in

    a subset of the pages with a lower effort https://www.slideshare.net/chr156r33n/how-to-construct-your-own-seo-a-b-split-tests-for-free
  26. @aleyda However, these need days/weeks of effort so it’s natural

    to say “it depends” for a fast answer
  27. @aleyda There’s a middle ground! An SEO knowledge base using

    charts & diagrams you can reuse explaining FAQs
  28. @aleyda Most of us already develop SEO checklists and templates

    we reuse to support our analysis anyway…
  29. @aleyda … Why not develop reusable resources to communicate SEO

    scenarios, frameworks & processes?
  30. @aleyda https://twitter.com/aleyda/status/1516722292851720195 For some reason, most SEOs are not yet

    leveraging charts & visuals, but … open to it
  31. @aleyda Using charts & diagrams to show context, steps, &

    criteria have important advantages Easier to understand for non- technical stakeholders & decision makers Facilitate to assess potential automation by development team Helps to establish trust by showing in- depth understanding, care and experience
  32. @aleyda You’ll avoid the vague “it depends” and quickly answer

    doubts w/ lower efforts… Vague "It Depends” Answer Decision-makers SEO Questions Diagram Resource to Describe Overall Concept, Process or Framework Specific answers via analysis, forecast, etc. X 80% 20%
  33. @aleyda https://twitter.com/SearchForRyan/status/1516365655796236293 It will also make you to analyze activities

    & set replicable systems, and grow your USP
  34. @aleyda https://lucid.app/, https://miro.com/, https://www.diagrams.net/ There are also a few free

    & freemium online diagram makers to help create them
  35. @aleyda https://www.visual-paradigm.com/tutorials/flowchart-tutorial/ … as well as fantastic guides with best

    practices to take into account
  36. @aleyda @aleyda Let’s go through a few of them 

    addressing common SEO questions Decision Making Processes Scenarios
  37. @aleyda What steps do you follow when developing the SEO

    audit of a site?
  38. @aleyda What will the SEO audit include?

  39. @aleyda What will SEO reports include?

  40. @aleyda What SEO KPIs will you report on?

  41. @aleyda …By using this Google Sheet SEO Report Planner! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g88EW02BRQGtaHQQ6wohL0jUVrSqcozaLUcTqbveNfQ/view?usp=sharing

  42. @aleyda What do we do while you develop the initial

    SEO audit? We have plenty of resources
  43. @aleyda “Plenty of resources”

  44. @aleyda What happens if something goes 
 wrong with SEO

  45. @aleyda Why are we behind competitors for [Y] queries?

  46. @aleyda Why are we not seeing high traffic / conversions

    impact of SEO implementation? YOU’RE STUCK HERE
  47. @aleyda How do we avoid this from happening?

  48. @aleyda How do I implement that?

  49. @aleyda Why we don’t do [X] like [Competitor] is doing?

  50. @aleyda Why are we doing [Action X] last and 

    focusing on [Action Y] right away? Action X Action Y
  51. @aleyda How are all of the SEO activities prioritized? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15dD2VFzE203ZIKD-vTqlg3Wg-YQY9a-HS5J7AT-S4jA/

  52. @aleyda Why are we not optimizing those top ranked pages

    with very low CTR?
  53. @aleyda Why do we need to put so much effort

 optimizing category pages content?
  54. @aleyda Why we don’t index the [X Facet] on the

    site to attract more traffic?
  55. @aleyda When do we eliminate product pages?

  56. @aleyda Why are we eliminating rather than optimizing [X] group

    of pages?
  57. @aleyda Why are we not doing anything after this Google

    Update that negatively hit us?
  58. @aleyda Why are we not migrating these old URLs 

    to the new Website?
  59. @aleyda Should we target languages or 
 countries when going

  60. @aleyda Why don’t we use ccTLDs for the new country

  61. @aleyda When should we localize our content to the new

    international markets?
  62. @aleyda Why don’t we implement hreflang in that group of

  63. @aleyda It’s now your time to Identify & Document the

    input, processes, and decisions for SEO activities you’re asked the most about Decision Process 
 A Start Yes No Process 
 B End https://slidemodel.com/how-to-make-a-flowchart/
  64. @aleyda Let’s ditch most of those 
 “it depends”

  65. @aleyda @aleyda It’s about quickly answering the common 

    questions in an easy to understand way Decision Making Processes Scenarios
  66. @aleyda While helping to tackle some 
 common SEO challenges

    Easier to understand for non- technical stakeholders & decision makers Facilitate to assess potential automation by development team Helps to establish trust by showing in- depth understanding, care and experience
  67. @aleyda Finally, I know we all feel pressured to say

    something right away when asked…
  68. @aleyda … But you don’t expect meaningful answers from them

    without a proper diagnosis, isn’t it?
  69. @aleyda Let’s say goodbye to “it depends”

  70. @aleyda I’m Aleyda Solis * SEO Consultant & Founder at

    Orainti * SEO Speaker at +100 Events in +20 countries * Author “SEO. Las Claves Esenciales.” * Crawling Mondays Video & Podcast Series Host * #SEOFOMO Newsletter Wrangler * Maker LearningSEO.io * European Search Personality of the Year in 2018 * remoters.net Co-Founder orainti.com Thanks! @aleyda