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On Breaking Rules (and Things) Beautifully

D4b7ce0a2082f673856b27d46fee13c8?s=47 alicetragedy
November 15, 2014

On Breaking Rules (and Things) Beautifully

A lightning talk for Rails Girls Vienna 2014 about breaking rules and getting out of your comfort zone.



November 15, 2014

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  1. on breaking rules (and things) beautifully how i became a

    software developer
  2. Breaking rules what does that mean?

  3. being an overchiever you never get out of your comfort

    zone you always have the feeling you know everything + -
  4. Getting out of your comfort zone

  5. less than two years ago, I was sitting where you

    are sitting today wondering what to do with my life
  6. Now I’m a software engineer I write code every day

    (and it’s still difficult)
  7. vienna.rb rails girls summer of code pyladies vienna and more..

  8. I love breaking things - and i love fixing them

  9. “By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully,

    deliberately and well.“ (thank you, robert bringhurst)
  10. Give yourself a chance. break rules - and break things.

    thank you.
  11. About me Laura gaetano twitter: @alicetragedy github: @alicetragedy email: girl@alicetragedy.org