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Lessons Learned in Unit Testing

Lessons Learned in Unit Testing

Why I am in love with unit testing, and why you should be too. Delivered at WordCamp San Francisco in July 2013.

Alison Barrett

July 27, 2013

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  1. LESSONS LEARNED IN UNIT TESTING Alison Barrett WordCamp San Francisco

  2. None
  3. 10 != 1

  4. Write better code.

  5. I want to inspire you.

  6. Currently: Testing by debugging

  7. We can do better.

  8. Automation saves time Debugging is easier Code is future-proof Architecture

    is modular Tests double as documentation WHY?
  9. AUTOMATION photo by pasukaru76

  10. Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two.

  11. Writing unit tests: Good

  12. Running unit tests: Good, Fast, Cheap

  13. DEBUGGING photo by pasukaru76

  14. ......F..F...F..FFF.......................... ran 45 tests these 6 failed

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  16. FUTURE-PROOF photo by dunechaser

  17. Refactoring

  18. None
  19. MODULARITY photo by georgivar

  20. Unit testing not entire class testing not contents-of-a-file testing

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  23. DOCUMENTATION photo by ercwttmn

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  25. WRAPPING UP photo by .guin

  26. Write better code.

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