The ‘devsigner’ of the future – An exploration to eradicate the hand-off

The ‘devsigner’ of the future – An exploration to eradicate the hand-off

Performed at Code ❤ Design, 2018 Sydney Australia

Designers expect developers to understand UX and developers expect designers to understand the technicalities of their platform. The back and forth of this is embodied by the dreaded hand-off.

Current tooling already makes the hand-off simpler and quicker. But, it also requires one role to know more about the other. Are the roles slowly fusing into a new one, ‘the devsigner’?

Allard an Raja will take you on a journey in their quest to eradicate the hand-off. What would a hand-off look like if there wasn’t one? What if a designer could influence production code? What if a developer could iterate the way a designer does? Is the future really that far away?


Allard van Helbergen

November 30, 2018