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The New WordPress Paradigm

The New WordPress Paradigm

The new visual editor sure does inspire consternation in the WordPress community. As with any disruption, there will be winners and losers in professional world – but what about the end-user? Can the new editor make life easier for them? And for professionals, how will Gutenberg change theme development? What about page-builders – things of the past? Instead of focusing on launch and transition issues, I’ll describe how we think the fundamentals of the WordPress experience will change (for the better) for both the end-user AND the professional.


Alonso Indacochea

June 30, 2018


  1. Gutenberg: The New WordPress Paradigm It’ll be better for the

    lot of us (eventually), I assure you
  2. Feel free to text me questions during my presentation: (505)

    234-6148 @alonso_in (505) 234-6148
  3. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 • CEO at 11 online •

    Started Block Party ( this year • Working with WordPress since 2015 • Though I spend very little time writing code these days (probably good for the world), WordPress is an important part of our business About me - Alonso Indacochea
  4. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 • New WordPress editor as of...?

    • A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Experience • Content paradigm is BLOCKS! • Comes with simple blocks, but you can build custom blocks • Lots of implementation controversy What is Gutenberg?
  5. DEMO

  6. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 • WYSIWYG finally! • Make whatever

    page you like - no need for custom meta boxes • Access to a potentially wide range of custom blocks to easily create content once difficult • WordPress page builder without the cruft Benefits for the content creators
  7. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 •React! •Block-centric theme development •Challenging implementation

    and support process •Opportunities to build reusable custom blocks Changes for the developers
  8. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 •Built-in page-builder •Legacy plugins may not

    support Gutenberg at launch Changes for the site assemblers
  9. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 •Biggest WordPress ecosystem disruption since …

    •Chance for WordPress generalists to specialize and differentiate •Chance for local agencies to become more Opportunities for entrepreneurs
  10. @alonso_in (505) 234-6148 •Who is WordPress for? •Why did

    I want to come to Grand Rapids to do this talk? •Why is my company still passionate about WordPress and the ecosystem’s opportunities? Lastly …
  11. QUESTIONS? @alonso_in (505) 234-6148