PERFMATTERS for Android - DroidCon Berlin 2016

PERFMATTERS for Android - DroidCon Berlin 2016

The slogan '#PERFMATTERS' by Colt McAnlis is one of the most important statements, which an Android developer should follow. A well performing application makes the difference between a nice looking application and one, which gets successful. You, as an Android developer, have the responsibility to delight your users, so they don't feel how much work your application has to burden to fulfill the user's needs. This session will show you some easy optimizations and how to avoid glitches in the application. A lot of developers would shout, that this is premature optimization. In contrary it is preventive. With a small amount of work while developing you can avoid a lot of pitfalls. You will hopefully have a better understanding of the underlying system afterwards. During the session some tools and frameworks will be presented for helping you to fulfill your mission.


Hasan Hosgel

June 17, 2016