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Effective Virtual Retrospective

Effective Virtual Retrospective

An online meetup by BATC, Agile BSD, and Agile Circles Indonesia.

“The Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.” - Scrum Guide

Let’s talk about retrospective. Effective virtual retrospective. In this meetup, we scale down, way down. No keynote talks, just talk. Meet people from other organizations, share what you are doing for virtual retrospective. What you think and how you feel about it. Give and receive feedback. We would like you to get insights from peers that you can bring with you and immediately apply in your team(s) and organization. Moreover, insights that others may have applied in these challenging conditions, where virtual meeting is the new normal.


June 03, 2020

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  1. Sprint Retrospective Tujuan: introspeksi jika sudah bekerja seefektif mungkin ❖menyampaikan

    apa yang sudah baik ❖apa yang belum ❖peningkatan yang diperlukan tim ❖apresiasi
  2. Individual Retro 1-on-1 Chat What do you need to work

    better? Rapport Build trust What really matter
  3. Squad Retro Group Discussion Clarify squad achievement / target How

    to measure Pick feedback(s) Clarity Clear goal(s) & metrics Meaningful action plans Output Squad Retro Board
  4. Organizational Retro Group Discussion What success really means Get top

    feedback(s) Alignment Shared achievement Really paying attention Output Organizational Retro Board
  5. Tools 1-2-4-All A collaboration tool from Liberating Structures to engage

    all participants. Retro Boards A visualization tool to manage retro items. A Scrum board for Retrospective.
  6. Software Video conferencing Like Zoom. We used MS Teams, utilized

    Channels. Online Documents Google Documents, Microsoft 365. For online survey, group activity. Virtual Boards Jira, Gitlab, and what not.
  7. Lesson Learned Co-Facilitator There are 8 of us today. Prepare

    Ahead We prepared starting from a couple of weeks ago. Timeboxing Agree upon timeboxes.