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Agile Leadership for Middle Management

Agile Leadership for Middle Management

Facilitated by Danny F. Wuysang & Angga Pratama (Agile Coaches - BFI Finance Indonesia & Ekipa) at an online meetup by BATC, Agile BSD, and Agile Circles Indonesia.

In most Agile Transformation Initiatives, many agree that among others an important step is buy-in from top management. After which, many will start working on team-level improvements. But often, the role of middle management (e.g. Leads, Managers, Heads) is not that obvious. In this session, we start by going back to the whys of Agile Transformation. Making good use of collective intelligence, we will facilitate group discussions on improvement goals and plan. Finally, we propose actionable steps to aid leaders better support team growth.


May 06, 2020

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  4. Q&A

  5. Key Takeaways Leaders: Your teams should already have goals. What

    would make their lives easier, in your respective field. Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches: Hold sessions such as our group activity. Find out what success means to your organization. Make a real plan. CEO, CTO, Directors: Initiate such a session. Team Members: Reflect on what you need from your leaders. What holds you back from being self-organizing, cross-functional, continuously improving.